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Calling All Quinny Users ...

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17/01/2011 17:12:51
sunny28 wrote:
I have bought the buzz 4, I'm due this saturday so will let you know how i get on with it, can't wait to start using it!! Do any of you ladies know where I would get a cup holder for it ???? I have tried everywhere but no joy (

mamacita has a nice bag that attaches to your stroller bar with cup holders:

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17/01/2011 17:47:21
I had 4 kids over 15 years and seen evolution of baby transport. Went with the fad the last time and got a quinny. What a complete waste of money: hard to fold, too heavy and left black tyre marks in the boot, tyres constantly blow and nowhere to hang a bag. Downsized to to having a sling and a maclaren. You can now buy telescopic buggies well padded from birth onwards. The only downsize is that baby faces away, so does not see your reassuring face. Slings are good for first few months, baby can smell you and hear your heartbeat and be kept warm by you.

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17/01/2011 19:28:56
I bought the quinny and am still happy with the purchase. yes, it's a little heavy, but it's only in and out of the car so it doesn't bother me. and, you can remove the seat for lifting if you think it's too heavy. You do have to clean the front wheel and oil the hydraulic lift to keep it working properly. But the hydraulic lifting mechanism is great and sells it for me also.

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