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Loopy Lotti
Posts 836

23/01/2011 18:10:49
Firstly, I have to say I am a huge fan of this board as I am a total bookworm, and currently being out of work I'm spending a small mortage on books to keep me occupied right now!

BUT, having gone through a lot of mindless chic lit recently I am 2/3rds through 'The Other Hand' by Chris Cleave.

It's different ...... and I'm not really quite sure what to make of it ...... I am for one thing tho hooked! Started it last night and will probably finish it this eve. I'll reserve judgement till then but interested to hear of any others that may have read it and their thoughts?

edited by Loopy Lotti on 23/01/2011

Lady Bubbles
Posts 1030

23/01/2011 18:55:07
Read it ages ago ad was also hooked. Wouldn't mind reading it again.

Posts 418

01/02/2011 12:00:18
There are reviews of this book on page 3 Loopy lotti.

Cyclone T
Posts 4494

06/02/2011 00:49:16
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