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Where is Al Rashidiya Identification Centre?

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30/01/2011 19:20:31
I have to go there tomorrow to get my identity card, but all I can find out on the website is that it is behind al rashidiya council building. Does anyone know where that is and how I get there?

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30/01/2011 19:22:40
it is opposite MCC but you need to weave through rashidiya to get there. Someone put a map up here on EW, perhaps you can search for it

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30/01/2011 19:24:17
Not easy and can't explain here. you need a street directory as its left, right , right,left...u get my train of directionOr just go to google maps probably best if u dont have a Dubai street directory

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30/01/2011 19:35:00
CC that's as useless as a chocolate tea pot, so i will try to help.

Do you know where Bin Sougat mall is? Taking the Airport road off Emirates road get to the left hand lane to the first big junction turning left, this is opposite the Royal Airwing terminal. Trundle down the road over some speed bumps (bin Sougat Mall is on right) but ignore that and get to first roundabout, do a U turn and head as if going back up to Ariprot road, Take junction that has a KFC on right, follow along and then try to find a police station, its behind there on a sandy patch in the middle of nowhere facing Emirates road aprox opposite MCC mall.

Thats the right area, suggest you just keep stoping and asking locals for directions. HTH

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30/01/2011 19:35:46
Got it thanks! I did actually find this map while searching online, but the computer was playing up and blah blah blah . . .needless to say I have it not. Wish me luck finding it!

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30/01/2011 19:36:10
WHy would anyone use a chocolate pot for tea?.....hmmm


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30/01/2011 19:37:20
Sharpie wrote:
Got it thanks! I did actually find this map while searching online, but the computer was playing up and blah blah blah . . .needless to say I have it not. Wish me luck finding it!

Believe me you will need more than luck it's a flipping nightmare!!! Next time i go i'm going to write down the street numbers at every turn!

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30/01/2011 19:38:00
Thanks SS, that makes sense. Off to get chocoloate now . .

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31/01/2011 20:52:59
Did u have any luck finding it? im going there too, i might take a taxi and hope they know the way! lol

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31/01/2011 20:54:47
Oh i had forgotten all about that, Lord i hope she is not still driving around Rashidiya!!!

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01/02/2011 08:34:14
Just to let you all know I found it, eventually!! I drove around Rashidiya for about 10 minutes and then I started to follow 2 4x4s that were driving with purpose. It worked! They drove straight past the place! I am sorry though, I couldn't give you directions if I tried!

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01/02/2011 09:29:44
Its a maze...and when i went there late last year the queue was so long i am sure you could see it from space.
i have a nice little map that i made and intended to post it on here only i cant get to my web based piccy hosting site at work (curious that i can get on a forum though????)

if you want a copy of the picture, drop me an email on sandysw32 at gmail dot com

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08/12/2011 06:51:53
Ok so i have had heaps of requests for the map and remembered i can access my photo hoster from home. So here it is for those people just tripping over this thread and ready to brave the EIDA process!

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19/12/2011 08:27:03
So helpful Blueskies - off there tomorrow and was dreading how to find it, so thank you!

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19/12/2011 11:18:20
this question was asked before and there was a lady who replied with excellent directions that i found very useful - do a search and i am sure you will find it.

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19/12/2011 12:37:02
The ID centre is actually very easy to find. If you are travelling along airport road, airport on your left. You will pass Bin Sougat Centre on your right/royal airwing on your left. At the traffic light turn right, go all the way to the bottom of the street to the round-a-bout and double back. Travel almost all the way back to airport road and take the slip to the right just before getting to airport rd -I think, 49c street (you are now travelling behind the metro station). Go past the metro building on your left, travel for about 1km till reaching the 2nd round-a-bout, turn right. Then take the 2nd left (there is a small set of shops on this corner, set a little way back from the rd). At the T , turn right then first left. Travel straight, houses on your right, school on the left. ID centre is at the top of this road to the left.

Happy travels

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