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Birthday present for friend..... what to buy??

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06/02/2011 14:15:49
Hi, my friend will be 51 and she is fun loving etc. etc. but I just don't know what to get her - I've never been one for buying presents for friends so I just find it a little difficult! help please, thank you!

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06/02/2011 14:20:49
I gave my friend for her birthday (mid 40's) a gorgeous classic Burberry cashmere scarf.......ok not so practical for Dubai but she does travel alot. She was thrilled!

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06/02/2011 14:31:27
A gift voucher for a massage / facial / mani or pedi - I know that's what I would like...

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06/02/2011 14:33:41
Is she here or abroad? And what is your budget range?

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06/02/2011 14:36:59
cyclone - she lives here. Around 150 dhs ish

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06/02/2011 14:37:25
Quicksilver6 wrote:
cyclone - she lives here. Around 150 dhs ish

hope that doesn't sound too mean!

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06/02/2011 14:43:04
Have just had a b'day and a friend gave me a voucher for a French manicure. I was delighted.

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06/02/2011 14:50:29
Great! she loves getting her nails done - any salons near Umm Sequiem 3 ?

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06/02/2011 14:51:13
You will get a few people say a mani pedi voucher but for me that reeks of 'I couldn't be bothered' (not aimed at you Cheeky Monkey).

A gift doesn't need to ne expensive. Putting thought in means so much more to a true friend.


Gold Pass movie tickets (or go together and see a girly movie and have a cheap meal afterwards so you can critique the show)

The latest book by her favourite author with a handwritten note from you inside

A unique coin purse with 30 one dirham coins in it

A classy keyring that is either beautiful or correlates to an experience (a hobby of hers, a place you went together etc)

If you know a place she would love to visit but has never been then get her the appropriate travel book along with a notepad and pen so she can plan her adventure

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06/02/2011 14:58:29
A nice selection of loose Tea with Cup/Pot & Strainer.

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06/02/2011 15:05:04
No offence taken Cyclone, each to their own! I like, no, make that LOVE receiving vouchers as it means I have to make time to pamper myself so if a friend bought me one I would think of it as a really thoughtful gift as it means they have seen how tired I am and never have time to myself and thought about how to do something about it..!

I love your ideas though, especially the travel book / notepad & pen one! Must remember it! Really wouldn't thank you for a key ring though, no matter how lovely it was - hate them with a passion, lol!

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