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Book Donations for Libraries in Labour Camps

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24/04/2011 22:12:38
Company in Dubai looking to start free Libraries in Labour Camps - promoting English Language and Literature. Book donations wanted - if you have any old books, DVD, videos or magazines we would be very grateful for your donation.


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25/04/2011 07:55:01
How do we get in touch with this company? What's it called please?

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25/04/2011 10:18:02
Thanks very much for your interest.

The company is Transguard and you are able to contact me on

We are able to arrange for someone to collect the donations if you can advise your location.

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26/04/2011 08:09:11
Can you let me know where I can drop them off? Which dept in Transguard?

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26/04/2011 10:44:47
It is the Learning and Development department and they can be dropped off in reception B, level 1 - if you ask for Charlotte Butt the receptionist will be able to call me round or you can give me a call on 050 462 3654 when you arrive. Alternatively let me know when you are coming and I should be able to arrange for you to be introduced to the rest of the team working on this project.

Many thanks

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26/05/2011 19:09:26
I have books and magazines I'd be happy to donate. Live in Al Ain but am in Dubai every once in a while so could drop off/meet you somewhere if that would work. Magazines are a bit 'girly' (as in health and fitness, fashion!), so maybe not the best? Have stacks of Friday magazines that would probably be ok though....

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10/06/2011 18:35:58
Hi, that would be great, my number is below so let me know when you are next in Dubai and I can arrange to collect. We reached our June target which was for 1000 books but this project is on-going so we will continue to look for donations as we go forwards to expand the library. Thanks Charlotte

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15/09/2011 12:41:03
Hi Charbaby
What is the location for the drop off? I donated a lot of books to feline freinds last month and have another set that I could give to you guys?

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11/05/2012 22:42:09
I know this thread is old-ish, but I wanted to ask, is this the same Transguard that is part of Emirates group? I only ask because we find so many books onboard that are never claimed and I'm thinking maybe you could work with the lost & found dept to get ahold of all the unclaimed books at the airport- I'm sure there's heaps! Most people buy a novel, read it then leave it behind to save weight...!

Also, maybe you could put a book donation box in the HQ building/crew arrivals, am sure plenty of crew have lots of books they no longer want/need Big Grin

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28/07/2012 13:07:32
Does anyone know of any group, individual etc. who would be interested in a large amount of old 'Hello' 'Ahlan' 'Grazia' and other magazines. I'm preparing to leave after 25 years and don't want to give them for re-cycling if they could be of use to someone....

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