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11/10/2011 21:28:02
check out some of my vegetable seed varieties here


I'd love to meet up with you and dig the dirt up on growing vegetables in the UAE...

What seeds do you have?

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15/10/2011 05:01:47
a couple of us posted our list in the thread "Guide to planting fruits/veggies in pots." maybe we should relocate our lists here?
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11/12/2011 19:43:32
Shumaila..I'm sooo very glad I visited your blog..Since Dec I'm dreaming about having my lil garden ...though our balcony is micro mini, I'm still dreaming !!!! Dont know how I'm gonna do it..but still..I've asked hubster to take me to warsan for soil/plant shopping..but he's busy with the year end stuff :o
(I'm a crafter..so I'm doing my decorating bit now..painting the pots..making garden ornaments for the wall and the ceiling etc..etc.. yeah even before having a garden Whaaaaa?...yeah I know...even my hub thinks I'm outta my mind..he...he..he..
anyways, I'm gonna 'stalk' you..and your garden and see if I can get some tips and tricks to set up mine..Will trouble you with lotsa qs......once I get my mud :o)My friendly neighbour gave me spinach and radish seeds..(well she got me dreaming about a garden) if you need some let me know. its sitting in my cupboard for a week..waiting for soil..
I just finished painting 4 pots today..once it dries ..gonna stencil it..lol..then drag my hubby to warsan for mud and plants..
one quick q...what should I plant in winter?? any suggestions?

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