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Pregnant in Dubai. Looking for reviews for Belhoul Speciality Hospital.Help

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08/11/2011 10:34:44
Hi ladies
I am 27 weeks pregnant. In Dubai for a couple of years now, and I don't have any friends who have been pregnant, so quite lost and looking for answers!! I am sure new mothers will understand...I went and took an appointment with DR Ensaaf at Belhoul, somehow I wasn't very comfortable. I have managed to get an appointment with dr Illiana on the 3rd Dec. If anyone has gone through the process, can you tell me what you think of the docs there or is it me just panicking? I am not quite sure what to expect and quite intimidated by hospitals!

What do I need to expect?

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08/11/2011 10:57:14
Hi IRPreggers,
i have been going to Dr Ensaaf and found her quite good. i had my first baby in dubai also and found the care 2nd to none. im now 20 wks pregnant with my 2nd. if u post ur email ill answer any questions you have.. (thats if i remember.. baby brain and all).

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08/11/2011 11:05:11
email on the way.. so u can delete it from ur post.

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08/11/2011 11:10:01
Thank you!!

I was not too comfortable with dr ensaaf, she hardly asked me my history etc and it felt like a quick rush..i heard something about her encouraging c-sec's more than normal so wasnt quite sure whats true and isnt.

Many Thanks!!

And also, if anyone can tell me what to expect, what to buy, what not to buy itw ould be helpful!!

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20/11/2011 12:33:06

Congrats on the pregnancy!! I am 37 weeks now, and have been seeing Dr. Iliana at Belhoul since my 24th week. So far, I am very happy with her. I always get an appointment before going to see her, as there is always a huge rush of people to see her. That way, I don't get to do much waiting. She has always been very patient, takes time out to explain my doubts, no matter how busy she may be that day. Plus, when I started with her, I carried all of my previous medical records, and she went through them very thoroughly. Made me feel very comfortable. Maybe u can try seeing her?
My due date is near...doc says anytime now. Will let u know how the delivery goes.
Good luck!

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06/12/2011 09:13:24
Congrats PinkBlossom!!
They moved my appointment to see DR Illiana from dec 3rd to today at I am looking forward to it.
Getting anxious!!


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06/12/2011 16:26:03
Hi, i delivered in march with Dr Ensaf at Belhoul Speciality Hospital. I wouldnt recommend her at, I always felt rushed, did not ask about my history, when i ask a question she would not answer in the way a Dr should or she would just say it doesnt matter. I asked her for my exact due date and all she would say is it doesnt matter. Iused to feel silly asking her questions. She encouragesinductions and c sections even when not necessaryto matchher schedue. I would never ever go back to her. Dr Illiana is a great Dr glad uyou switched to her

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06/12/2011 17:15:30
Hi IRPreggers! Congrats for a newcoming bundle of fun! ))
As per origina question: +100 for Dr Iliana. I delivered my DS in Belhoul under her kind hand last September. Our baby was 10 Lb and the labor was quite fast, but we managed to make it naturally (with some minor damage to my body, considering he had an umbr. cord twice around his neck and the time was more precious at that point). All below said words are exactly what she is, so I would advise the same. For Dr. Ensaf...I had a false alarm for labor twice, so we rushed to the hospital and she was both times on duty in ER. Unpleasant experience, would not recommend her. Maybe the cases are different, but it seems as per comments here, I am not the only one with such thoughts...

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06/12/2011 17:21:38
I saw Dr Illiana and thought she was an amzing Dr. She always answered every question in detail, oftan didn't charge me for scans and was soooo patient!!!! Loved her!

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08/12/2011 14:15:14
Hi ladies...I had my appt with Dr Illiana..she is such a star!!! So different from Dr Ensaaf...very approachable..does not rush through at all..she called my husband in and made sure he saw the scan and explained what he was seeing etc..made it a good experience on teh whole..I was on some tablets for PCOD..and she went in detail to cehck why I was taking them when I did not need them (None of the docs including DR Ensaaf mentioned that)..she was really nice..and Im hoping and praying that she is around when I go in for delivery...
My expereince with Dr ensaaf wasnt nice..she jsut rushed thru..hardly looked at my history or what medications I was on etc..did not even tel me what my due date was like she did not care....
Would recommened dr Illiana@Belhoul anytime!

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11/03/2012 13:35:57
Nightmare with Dr Illiana

I wanted to share my horrific experience with Dr Illiana as I really dont want any woman to waste her time with this person.

For those people who are used to hospitals in the UAE such as City, American, Medcare, Welcare etc you are in for a bit of a surprise once you get to Belhoul.  The hospital is very dated. The gyni section at the hospital is more like a zoo with no organisation. It took a long time to get my file set up. Once this was done I sat to wait for Dr Illiana. 

Anyway if your doctor is good the cosmetics of a hospital are not important. Unfortunately in my case the doctor was worse.

First of all I walked in to a very impersonal consultation in which there was Dr Illiana and an assistant Dr waiting to see me. 

Secondly she has a thing for shouting and not letting anybody get a word in. Within the first few minutes of sitting in her office my head had started to hurt and all my questions were still unanswered as she wouldn't let me finish even one sentence. It started to feel like a battle..

Thirdly she was rude enough to comment on 'doctors in UK being useless' as she didnt believe I had PCOS as according to her its impossible to get pregnant with it. Shocking that a doctor of her expertise thinks women with PCOS can never get pregnant. So rather than consulting with me she started to attack my previous doctors and their diagnosis. As her background check continued she decided to also comment by saying 'your gland should have been removed the first time you had a bartholin cyst'. Again shocking. Every doctor will tell you that for those who suffer from bartholin cysts the doctors first diagnosis would be to let it heal on its own, then to do marsupulisation. The entire gland is only removed in extreme cases. 

Believe it or not it actually gets worse. Next she did a scan to check the baby and asked me where I am in my pregnancy, I told her exactly 14 weeks 5 days of which I'm sure as I've been monitored throughout the cycle we got pregnant in. Her response is that 'thats impossible your 12 weeks pregnant and the baby's heartbeat is 110'.  Obviously this worried us as it meant the baby had not developed since our last scan and that the heartbeat was also low. I tried to get dr Illiana's advise on this and she just kept shutting me down by saying 'whats your problem your young why are you so tense go home and relax'. So clearly not answering my question.

Worried and with a very bad headache from her shouting we left the consultation.

The next day I spoke with Medcare as I started to experience some sharp abdominal pains. Medcare was the other hospital on our list of choice. The doctor carefully listened to everything I had to say and said that featal developing being 2 weeks or more behind is definitely something they would want to check to make sure everything is ok. She asked me to come in so I went in today. 

Ladies, baby is measuring right on schedule in fact two days ahead with a 156 heartbeat. I have no idea how Dr Illiana has got her licence and i strongly advise you to not waste your time. I will be filing a complaint about her to her superiors. She is rude, loud and clearly does not have the medical expertise. 

Im so relieved to have Medcare Hospital covered under my insurance. This will definitely be the place I deliver.

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