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Speech question for experienced mums

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06/02/2012 15:23:57
If you child is meeting all the other mile stones, my advice from experience is do not concern yourself.

One of my children only had very few words by age 3.5 years and when he started school in Sept by half term he was chatting more . All the Mom's noticed the difference at school as they knew him since birth. He had all the vocab in his head but just didn't need/want to use it. we had speech therapy for him from aged 3 as advised by the doctor, now , many years later and more experience of life and family II realise he may never have needed it but difficult to ascertain at 3 years old.

He now has a fantastic vocab and speaks very well and he is 19.

Try not to worry or to listen to other mothers who can sometimes put the fear in one. Do ask advise from professionals and at this stage i think they may say similar, if he is saying DAaaa and responding to sounds that is positive.
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06/02/2012 15:35:20
My one year old also says dada. And that's the only real word he says. He calls everyone dada right now. And with experience I can say it is absolutely normal! DS1 started saying proper words only when he was 2. He started calling me mama at 1.5 yrs. When he did start to speak, he started singing entire nursery rhymes!

It is normal to get worried sick looking at other children or reading on the Internet. I have posted a thread or two on the same earlier! But with my second I know it is normal and he would pick up words in no time. Relax and enjoy the days while they can't speak. Honest to G*d you will miss these days when they would call you 'mama' a thousand times a day! Riiiight.

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06/02/2012 15:38:22
CDXB wrote:
Thanks MCB.. that is so reassuring.. i can add that he is responding to his name.. laughing.. giving eye contact.. understands me when i tell him "come to mama" "bring your ball" or "bring your bike"
but being quite is the only thing that is worrying me.. i hope what you said is my case.

This is all very very positive, try not to compare too much . You child may turn out to be more quiet than some other people and that is not a bad thing either. He is only 1 remember but not easy as your a FTM .

I think it is real shame this section is not allowed to be on the main forum as experienced/older Moms won't see queries, I just happened to go on and see yours and when went to reply it was gone but then checked this section.

If ever the need you can email me if you wish.

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06/02/2012 15:39:17
Plenty of kids have no words or very few words by 12 months so there is actually no need to worry, my toddler never babbled much but was quite an early talker however even now most of his friends (over 18 months) still say very little.

If he has no words (with meaning) by 18 months then they will do a hearing test just to rule out any hearing issues. In the meantime you can do a basic test yourself by standing behind him where he can not see you and snapping your fingers to either side of his head, he should turn the shortest way towards the sound. You can also see if he has receptive language (can he point to or get pictures or objects if you name them?). If you are worried about his hearing you can get it tested earlier than 18 months but really at this stage he is not "abnormal" at all.

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06/02/2012 15:41:06
oh I cross posted with you, if he does have receptive language like you describe then I really wouldn't worry at all, he is well on track.

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07/02/2012 09:53:18
My son is 15 months old and doesn't have any real words. He says "mama" and "dada" and babbles a lot, but no real words that I can understand. I haven't been worried at all about this as my older son was the same - he didn't really start talking until closer to 2 or 2 1/2. (He is 4 now and speaks well with full vocabulary). I would try not to worry! It's normal!!

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07/02/2012 15:52:22
CDXB i can understand ur worries, i also posted while ago, as my DS was not talking AT ALL, not even mama papa, at 2.5 yrs
we got him checked, and doctors rule out everything we were afraid of
just cut out totally the TV time if he is watching any
and talk to him, anything, whatever you are doing, and don't worry if he is not responding, they usally absorb whatever is happening around, and deliver it only when they are ready
i read loads of books to my son, but he never responded to any questions, or never repeated anything. and now i am astonished when he turned 3, he knows almost every thing which i read him. he names the animals, numbers 1-10, fruits etc
so just give him time, one year old is too young, enjoy these moments

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