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Pain in my left leg and lower back

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29/02/2012 10:11:25
I am 27 weeks preggo and started having lower back pain. Then pain disolved from the back and went into the left side of the butt and leg, i think it is a sitting nerve spasm or something.
Ayone knows any remedies or alternative medicine which can help?
Will be very greatful for any help!

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29/02/2012 10:16:33
It may be the kidney or somenthing else or nothing...Beter to se a Dr ....

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29/02/2012 10:43:07
Sounds like sciatica...very common in pregnancy. First site that came up on Google -

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29/02/2012 10:59:04
Yes it is scatic nerve! You are right! Any one has any experieence on how to treat it here in dubai? Any recommendations?

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29/02/2012 12:17:27
I have had the same problem it is sooooo painful and nothing helps.

I have been seeing Hedi at She has worked wonders.

Mine started when I was 13 weeks - I went to see her at 15 weeks and now I am able to sit/stand/walk and lie down comfortably and without wincing


Edited to add I am 18 weeks now.
edited by Shinynewpony on 29/02/2012

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29/02/2012 12:24:40
I have the same problem. Good to see Heidi can help! I have seen her before when my LO needed treatment and really liked her. My pain comes and goes. When it is bad, it is really awful and I cannot move.

Shineynewpony - do you think after having treatment it will prevent further flare ups?

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01/03/2012 05:54:42
I started getting a pain in my lower back at 26 weeks, right in the dimple area with the pain shooting down my leg.It was so painfull that i couldnt even turn over in bed nor walk properly. My DR thought it was the sciatic nerve and i have been going for physio since ( 4 weeks) and it turns out its pelvic instability which is very common in pregnancy.
At 30 weeks i can now turn over in bed without crying out and can manage to walk up the stairs again unaided. Have been given lots of pelvic floor strenthining excercies as wee as realignment and different stretches to try and solve the issue but have been advised that this can continue long after giving birth. Highly recommend the physio and will look into an oestiopath too.

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01/03/2012 15:50:58
I had that pain.>_<
Avoid standing up for too long.
When the pain strikes, just sit down or lay down. Simply REST.
Swimming actually helped me.
Good luck. Soon you'll deliver and all becomes history

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03/03/2012 00:32:23
yup that's exactly what i had. and still do. my son is going to be 3 next month and it still flares up if i do too much. i was told it will disappear after the baby but mine hasnt. ive done yoga, some pelvic strengthening stuff etc. but ive now realised how to work around it - don't do too much. if i walk lots and lots like in a mall it comes up. i do a one hour fairly brisk walk in the morning but it doesnt come up then.
don't bend too much.especially post baby when i would bend to dry him up after bath change nappy etc.
try lying down with a really flat pillow. that used to help me.

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