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If you found a childs fingers in the trash, what would you do?

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15/03/2012 12:51:34
1) Vomit.
2) Call the police.
3) Count my kid's fingers.

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15/03/2012 12:55:07
i just threw up in my mouth.

Poor little girl

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15/03/2012 12:57:06
I couldn't continue reading, as I started crying, prayer for this lithe poor girl.

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15/03/2012 12:58:24
Pass out, vomit, cry and then probably hysterically call my husband who wouldn't understand a word i was saying, he would then probably call the police thinking something had happened to me, Or i would go the other way and worry what to do with them till the police came, stupid things like would i put them in some ice. I honestly couldn't imagine what i would do, it would haunt me every day till i knew where they had come from and what happened t the child

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15/03/2012 13:03:54
Sanddy_Dogg wrote:

3) Count my kid's fingers.

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15/03/2012 13:27:04
Just read the article.

So sick.

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