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A Real Estate agent who will actually help me find a place?

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23/03/2012 13:16:16
Hi Ladies,

Hopefully you can help me find a real estate agent who will actually help me locate suitable properties. We'll be moving from Abu Dhabi so I'm a little unfamiliar with all the different developments around.

The last real estate agent we had here in Abu Dhabi was horrible and made it seem like showing us properties was a HUGE waste of her time (and she only showed us like 4 properties).


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23/03/2012 13:49:20
Where will you be looking? I know a really good real estate lady, but she mainly works in the Jumeirah / Umm Sequeim area.

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23/03/2012 13:55:49
My office is in DIP -- so will be wanting something relatively close. (However, at this point just about anything is better than the Abu Dhabi to Dubai commute)

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23/03/2012 13:59:06
Sorry, relatively new here, what is DIP?
Anyway, my agent's name was Aida 0501640484

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23/03/2012 15:02:58
Yep Aida its seems to be very reactive agent I am also new to dubai and looking for a house.
So finger cross:
Here is the web site where you can find propertie of aida
Good luck

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23/03/2012 19:06:26
DIP is Dubai Investment Park -- it's near JAFZA South, and the same park that Green Community is in

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24/03/2012 12:11:33
I know one.. 050-1371148 Fahad from St. Clair RE
edited by Rabiaah on 24/03/2012

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24/03/2012 13:17:26
Obviously you can use Dubizzle as your number one search engine, however Square Feet real estate are based in green community and specialise in that area - the lady there is professional and mature, her name it Dimple - check out their website and contact her - very helpful. Good luck.
edited by Quicksilver6 on 24/03/2012

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24/03/2012 16:19:53
I simply don't trust agents here, most of them are just after the commission and don't have all properties in their hands. I would suggest checking dubizzle, gulf news property section online, better homes.

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26/03/2012 16:28:59
I recently attended a real estate viewing at the Dubai Pearl and was WOWED by the real estate agent who works in partnership with them. She knew everything about the markets here and has been a long-termer. I would highly recommend her --she has her own company here called "Global Real Estate" and is actually able to live up to the standards of what we expect from a proper real estate agent! Her name is Bita Erfani 050-453-5277.

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28/03/2012 07:39:35
Can highly highly recommend Twenty Twenty properties they were excellent when we bought our house, I believe they also do rentals 04 3116 709

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03/04/2012 19:09:24
I highly recommend Mira. She was referred to us through our friends in Dubai. She has also helped two other families we know rent homes in Umm Suqeim-Jumeirah area, and they had great experiences with her also. Mira was with us every step of the way. She is knowledgeable, hardworking, responsive and a good communicator. She is definitely not pushy! Her number is 050 350 9666. Tell her you heard about her from Amelie.

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