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Star Int v's JPS

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29/03/2012 20:20:02
Hi Ladies,

My DD has been lucky enough to receive acceptances from these 2 schools for FS1 this September. Really liked both the schools when I viewed last year but now have a dilemma which to go for. Star is closer which is a consideration especially as I will have a 3 month old baby once terms starts but do not want to base the decision on geography alone!!! Want the best fit for my daughter. I've never heard anything negative about Star until now when a few people at my DH's work have been surprised we would even consider Star over JPS. I know the KDHA reports list JPS at a better grading but was always led to believe that these gradings were not that reliable to follow. My DD is a very bright and lively girl and am always being told by friends and her nursery that she is a smart cookie. I also think she will end up being quite athletic too...more of a gymnast than a ballet dancer!! Goodness knows how with me as her mother! Can any of you ladies offer up some personal experiences of these schools so I can try and make a decision and perhaps which would be a better for her. Many thanks!

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30/03/2012 14:56:37
I have a son at JPS.
I have no great issues with the school except
1. the dreadful uniform - the tie and white shirt are doing my head in. DS hates wearing the tie and my laundry skills aren't up to a white shirt! (okay that was the petty dislike)...
2. it's got fairly large classes (27 kids from year 1), which in itself isn't bad but it means you have a higher chance of a couple of naughty kids which DS's class has ended up with. On the plus there is a teacher aid in each class until end year 2.
3. the school is HUGE. 7 classes per year group. It means that for sports teams etc, my less than amazing athletic DS has little chance of being on school teams. It also seems to be able to get lost in the system a bit.

On the plus.
1. it's academic standards are high, which suits my DS as he is bright and fairly nerdy.
2. they do lots of school things like theatre, after school activities, excursions, etc. etc.
3. the teacher quality is high, although like every school you will ever go to anywhere in the world there will be amazing ones and some that you think less of.

We didn't get any choice in schooling due to when we arrived in Dubai. We were lucky that JPS just happened to have a spot at the right time that we got here. and TBH is wasn't on my original list of schools. My personal preference would have been a smaller, more community feel school. but that's just me.

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31/03/2012 12:52:36
Thanks, this is great info. Can anyone tell me what the class sizes are like in Star?

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31/03/2012 17:56:42
hey vovon, JPS offered places long back for FS1. you were on the waiting list?
sorry don't know much about the school. but my DS is on waiting list, so just wanted to know, that they r full or still have places

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31/03/2012 21:41:41
I am at happy parent at Star. Class sizes are 20 with a TA. It does have a small community feel to it where the children can thrive and shine at what they're best at. All the teachers my children have had have been very good and very approachable. The athletics department is excellent. Any other questions?

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13/06/2012 16:53:41
I am wondering if you ever made a decision between Star Umm Sheif and JPS? Our daughter has just this week been offered a place at both schools for FS1 in September. This is an unexpected development as we had been told repeatedly that we were too far down the waiting lists. Until now we had assumed that our daughter would stay in her nursery until FS2 and we have put a deposit down at the nursery to that effect. So... any additional insights on Star Int'l Umm Sheif or JPS would be much appreciated? We were very happy for her to stay in nursery (small, nurturing environment, she is happy there and she mentioned how 'noisy' the schools were when she went in for assessment!) for another year and are thrown by this. Thank you.

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