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08/04/2012 14:20:30
Which place would you recommend for a moroccan bath? I mean the authentic one. I saw the Royal Mirage Hotel offers it. Any other places you could recommend?

Monkey Face
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08/04/2012 14:39:30
What do you mean by authentic?

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08/04/2012 14:50:51
Dubai Ladies Club offers it and they do it really well

Posts 552

08/04/2012 14:57:21
suze63 wrote:
Dubai Ladies Club offers it and they do it really well

the ladies here are actually moroccan and i felt it was the most authentic scrub I've had. the place isn't a hotel luxe spa, but its more than adequate and the scrub down is the real deal.

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08/04/2012 15:03:03
Some offer a modernized version of the traditional hamam experience. I'm looking for the authentic moroccan bath with black soap scrub and in a hamam setting.

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08/04/2012 15:29:51
hi - I am going to try the one at the Morning Glory in Mirdiff will let you know ;-)

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08/04/2012 15:42:22
My favorite is the one at Royal Mirage that you've mentioned. And I have tried several other places. What I like about it is the communal 'hamam' feel. Though its probably not a good idea if you're shy Big Grin. They use the black soap (though its dissolved and you get the soap water put on). Nice steam rooms (with a bottle of cold water halfway ). Proper brass urns and mugs for water and little stools. The ladies are morrocan mostly as well. Ends with moroccan tea, dates and perfume of your choice dabbed on if you like.

They have variations from about 300-600 depending on what you add on to the basic.

The Dubai Ladies Club one is a good option but not as spectacular in my opinion. They do have vouchers in the Entertainer Body book for well worth it for half price

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08/04/2012 16:56:41
Definitely the Royal Mirage, they have the moroccan black soap etc... make sure you ask for it though, as once I went and they didn't use it, but when I told them at the end they said just ask and they'll make sure you get it... Also the one at Talise Spa is meant to be really nice, although I haven't tried it myself.

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