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24/04/2012 21:02:13
Very recently I acquired a PIN number for my new HSBC Debit card in a 36 hour operation and several hour-long phone calls to India.
Then went on holiday and wiped my little brain clean of any memory of that pin. Tiried one and it was the wrong one. Now really scared to try my second option as I am not sure when the machine keeps it - second or third wrong try with HSBC - anyone know???

It was SUCH a hassle to get card and PIN (driving round for hours to find courier/parking etc as they messd it up) that I do NOT want to call them again. Not for the next few months anyway.


Posts 882

24/04/2012 22:12:00
yes I could've easily done that but there were too many Dubai moments so it would take too long to even START!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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24/04/2012 22:19:06
No help on the pin sorry but I thought Id share my very recent blonde moment..........Ive just come to bed all excited to watch Eastenders on iplayer...then remembered silly girl it hasnt shown yet in the UK its only 7pm!!!!....hence im on here intruding on threads i cant help with

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