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29/04/2012 16:20:52
Hi all,

Just desperately looking for some help please. I have finally got my baby's eye prescription but cannot find an optician anywhere so far that does baby glasses. Those that I have already tried seem to do frames for small children (if they do any at all) but none small enough for a six month old baby.

Can anyone give me any info on any opticians which stock small baby glasses? I desperately want to get her them as soon as possible!

Many thanks!

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29/04/2012 21:05:46
Have you tried the company that makes BabyBanz sunglasses? They're wrap-around style with velcro straps. I can't remember their website but if you google BabyBanz you should be able to find it.

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30/04/2012 11:25:32
In Dubai Mall there is a Margrabi for Kids. The Dubai Mall website says they are 'Established in 2007, this newest edition to the Magrabi Retail family is a retail chain specializing in prescription eyewear, sunglasses and accessories designed specifically for children.' Here is the link:
Hope this is useful.

urban socialite
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01/05/2012 15:11:41
I was shopping for a new pair for myself yesterday and came across the ones DubaiCat is talking about in Grand Optical, MCC. They had them in different bold baby colors.

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