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Have you heard of either of these schools in the Uk?

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13/02/2012 13:38:11
Barfield or Edgeborough? Both near Farnham, Surrey. I can't find any feedback and they are not mentioned on the uk school listings as they are pvt/independant.

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14/02/2012 11:50:05
Not going to help you I'm afraid as we are the wrong side of the border over in North Hampshire.... but love Frensham, the ponds, the horse riding area is beautiful.

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14/02/2012 13:15:04
Thanks emlsnre, yes I agree Frensham is really lovely and the first school I looked at was Edgeborough, I then saw Barfield near Runfold area going more towards Guildford and was wondering which was the better school? I'd quite like to buy a property as near to one of them as I could even though I know the distance isn't that big between them.

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14/02/2012 13:43:00
I love the Elstead area, great Commons for riding, walking etc... and The Golden Fleece pub isn't too shabby either....

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14/02/2012 13:53:25
My friend's son went to Barfield and this is her feedback on both:

'Edgeborough is more academic than Barfield and offers more extracurricular activities. It also offers boarding. A friend of mine moved her son from Barfield to Edgeborough. And also more competitive and sporty.

Barfield had some issues a couple of years back. The school has a new head who is OK. School’s ethos is about giving school an good all round grounding. Offered good pre and after school care. Education was fair.

Lots of good state schools in the area too.'


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14/02/2012 14:50:36

Look at the link, lots of info from parents in the area.

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14/02/2012 18:16:40
Thank you lally and twilight great info, I do get the impression Edgeborough is a better school. South Farnham is also an excellent school, my friend is a teacher there

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15/02/2012 16:40:51
Another quick question is how do you find out what schools are in what catchment area? Where can I find that info ? Also does that 100% mean you get a place in the local schools?

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