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Total school days in the year?

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22/05/2013 20:37:20
For those ladies with school age many actual days are your kids in school each year? Does this number change each year? I am not sure anyone actually counts the day?? (unlike me...!!) I notice the total days in my kid's school has been changing each year. I presume some of this is due to the Islamic calendar. However, the total number of days in school has been decreasing each year which I find odd. AY11/12 was 173 days, AY 12/13 was 171 days, AY 13/14 is 168 days. I didn't keep the calendar for 10/11...
Thoughts? Curious if anyone else pays attention to this..

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22/05/2013 20:48:15
Our school calendar says 180 days and we haven't had any variance to that yet this year. I just checked last years and next years calendar and it also says 180, but you are right, this may vary depending on changes in Islamic holidays.

There is a KHDA rule on how many days they must attend school, yet not exactly sure what it is.
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22/05/2013 21:57:54
180 with a little flexibility but i to have noticed the days dwindling over the years or filled with non days of fairs and days out etc. A saturday only has to be put in once or twice and days are back up!

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