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Bra fitting???

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18/08/2013 14:57:46
Such an embarrassing moment ladies,but where can I get my bra fitted? I was shopping for some new outfits and everything seems to just lie flat on my chest. Looks like a heavy truck has rolled over me!! Honestly... I am in my early 30s and though I have been thinking of doing something abt this for some time, I think I need to do some serious bra fitting right now and find out if I am indeed wearing the proper size. Could anyone suggest a place where I can seek help and advice on this matter?
All suggestions are highly appreciated.


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18/08/2013 15:14:21
I think most of the undergarment/lingerie shops should be able to help you out. I've gotten fitted at a La Perla boutique, and I thought they were very helpful. They keep my size for purchases on record so that I can easily buy the correct size at any of their shops around the world. I am pretty sure Victoria's Secret do them as well (they definitely do in America, anyway).

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18/08/2013 15:42:40
Victoria Secret at Mall of the Emirates & Dubai Mall- it really is dangerous (as in- don't expect to leave the shop without a purchase haha LOL), the ladies know what they are doing! They have all sizes out the back in the fitting room and they will assist you accordingly And the bras are just gorgeous!

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18/08/2013 16:56:19
if you are blessed, go to TKD in town centre jumeriah.

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18/08/2013 18:02:21
SimpleDimple5 wrote:
Victoria Secret at Mall of the Emirates & Dubai Mall- it really is dangerous (as in- don't expect to leave the shop without a purchase haha LOL), the ladies know what they are doing! !

Disagree. It will only work if you are fit into one of their sizes, ie. 32-38, A-DD (or E, if they do it). If not, then they will just tell you that you're a size they stock (e.g. you're a 30F, they'll get you a 34DD). Every single place in Dubai I have shopped for underwear has done this, including VS, except TKD

It's not that difficult to measure yourself. Bear in mind
- due to vanity sizing, a 34C today is nothing like a 34C from the 1950s, but the fitting guides haven't changed to match
- bras vary between brands and models so you are never one size
- the linear relationship between bust/underbust difference and cup size breaks down after about a C cup. The bust volume isn't directly related the measurement like that

How to measure yourself!
1) Measure around the underbust
2) How much you add depends on how tight a bra you like. If you like it tight, add 1" if the measurement is odd and 0" if the measurement is even. Otherwise add 3" if odd and 2" is even and NO MORE. Never add 4 or 5".
Example, I measure myself and it's 26.5 inches. So I add 1.5" and wear a 28 band. Most places will put me in a 32", which is huge and gives no support.
The bigger your bust, the more important it is that the band is tight.
3) Measure around the bust and use this as a rough guide to look for a cup size. Take your chosen band size and subtract it from the bust measurement. 1"=A, 2"=B etc. If you're a D or above you might need a cup size bigger than indicated increased volume doesn't give a direct increase in the bust measurement.
4) If you're currently wearing say a 36C but are now going for a 32 band bra, in theory you should fit a 32DD but may need 32E
4) Try stuff on. If you're outside the the standard range (32-38, A-D) you will probably need to try on every bra you buy. I have bras in 3 different sizes from the same manufacturer. Once wearing the correct band size one often finds that one needs to go up more cup sizes than indicated because once you get the band right, you often find that parts of the breast tissue was actually getting pushed under the armpit by the old bra. Try things on and make sure to get all the tissue in the cup
5) If you are petite, a lot of plunge styles will not work, as the top of the cup ends up empty and even the correct size won't fit will. Try balconette

I recently got a great bra from M&S, one of the only ones I've had that doesn't seem to just smoosh everything down flat, it's called "perfect profile" or something. If you shop there remember M&S size big in band and cup compared to some other places.


18/08/2013 18:19:13
Wow Celtic that's a good guide to bra fitting! I always fit my bras I barely buy anything without trying it on. It can really differ between the different types of fittings.

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20/08/2013 10:46:52
Thanks celticcavegirl . I wasn't aware of that with VS, I am NOT blessed in the chest department , therefore when I do try the bras on in VS they make me look fuller (little win) , but yes M&S do great bras also and at reasonable prices too!!

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22/08/2013 16:08:43
Great fitting at TDK,but unfortunately they only have underwired ones. Any suggestions on where to get 34-37E sizes,ladies? Do tschibo have them?

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