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I feel like we miss out on so much

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16/06/2016 10:38:40
One of my very good girlfriend's is going on her hen do this weekend on holiday, and I wasn't able to go due to flight costs from here to there... We're of course going to the wedding in August, but somethings things like this just niggle in my chest because I feel like I'm missing out on so much... Sometimes I think if living abroad is worth it when I feel like this and see things I'm missing online and when friends talk about them


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16/06/2016 12:18:30
Sorry you are feeling like this.
I am sure lots of us know how you are feeling. Ive been an expat for 6 years now and have missed so many special dates and important functions of family and friends. Maybe try and keep yourself busy when the ladies are away and look forward to the wedding. The hen would understand why you cant be there for her weekend!!!

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16/06/2016 12:46:01
I totally know how you feel. I have missed so many friends weddings because of living abroad and also so many family events...parents 50th, new nephews arriving, special birthday parties etc! I have been living the expat life for 10 years now and it doesn't get any easier! Everyone back home thinks I have the best life ever living over here and yes it is great but sometimes I would give anything to be back home at these times! It's hard but I have to put it in perspective too. It's a choice I made and I knew there would be sacrifices but it's still hard. I try to be part of all these events I am missing out on by organising something special....champagne in bridal suite for friends, special gifts to be delivered for birthdays etc! Could you maybe organise a nice present for your friend for her hen so you feel part of it? Maybe some bubbles in her hotel room? A beauty treatment in the spa? Or organise a couple of cocktails for her on arrival? I know it's not the same but at least this way you are still part of it without being there!

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16/06/2016 17:35:31
Thank you both!

These first two years have been alright but I'm at that stage in my life where everyone is getting married and neither of us are there to join in all of it... But I guess flying back for the wedding is still lucky enough

I like the idea @cruiseaddict, I'll order a gift or organise something for her! Thank you!

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