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Jumeriah Islands v The Meadows, Green Community, Victory Heighs

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05/03/2017 16:02:29
We are due to move from the UK soon and will be visiting Dubai next weekend for a week to look at areas to live. We like JI and Green Community, but it is so far out. I have read some posts in JI, but they were from 2011. Any advice on areas would be greatly appreciated. We do not have young children, therefore we are a couple looking for an area with great social aspect as well as good amenities. Thanks.

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05/03/2017 17:00:58
Hey Bucksgirl22,'s great that ur moving to Dubai....jumeirah islands has huge villas n is a quiet's quite green too...n necessary amenities are also not very far...the town centre is quite close,which has coffee shops,restaurant,pharmacy,supermarket,salons n even a spa....t also has a great fitness centre..n th communities more close to th town centre are the springs,the meadows n the lakes...all are great n have all the amenities ....I'm living in the springs....The green community s also nice n has bungalows,villas n town houses...with all the necessary's a bit far from th springs n ji...It actually depends on ur place of work....if ur place of work s around sheikh zayed road,then ji n all are a good idea...but green community vil b far....Hope it helps ...take care

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07/03/2017 02:19:25
Thank you - all help greatly received. We have found a few areas that seem nice. The Agent also recommended a new area Mudon? You seem to get a lot for your money and brand new.

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20/03/2017 14:15:24
All the areas have pluses and minuses. It's helpful to think about where the people in your family need to go every day (in your case, just work since you don't have children), and how much traffic you are willing to deal with on the way there and back. You'll also decide what's most important to you: location, size, quality, and amenities. And of course, budget.

If it was me, and I was a couple moving here, I would go for an apartment rather than a villa, since the costs are much less and there are fewer complications to worry about (minimal maintenance, lower utilities, no gardening, less cleaning, etc.). Probably a 2-bedroom in the Marina with a dedicated parking space or two.

Hope you enjoy your visit!

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20/03/2017 16:34:39
Bucksgirl22 wrote:
Thank you - all help greatly received. We have found a few areas that seem nice. The Agent also recommended a new area Mudon? You seem to get a lot for your money and brand new.

I have a close friend who lives at JI ( They bought many years ago) if I had the cash I would like there as it is lovely!

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22/03/2017 23:39:46
We also moved to Dubai recently. Like the previous responses, work and time for commute determines where you want to live.
I looked area by area and decided on Jumeriah Park as it is an established area, no more construction around. Easily accessible to all areas of Dubai.
Jumeriah Islands are fantastic, but the hidden chiller costs on top of your utilities make it an expensive option.
Meadows, The Lakes and others around there a bit dated now, unless some place been updated.
Beware of some of the more modern new projects as loads of teething problems and construction.
If you need names of some good agents, shout!
Good luck!

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23/03/2017 12:26:26
We lived in Umm Suqeim for nearly nine years before leaving Dubai last year. I would not wanted to have lived anywhere else except adjoining Jumeirah. Why? We could walk to the beaches, I had seven supermarkets within ten minutes' drive, including Spinneys, Waitrose, Union Coop and Choithram, and I could even walk to the Spinneys. 10-15 minutes to Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates. So many little cafes and restaurants within easy reach. The school was a bit further afield in Al Barsha but still within a reasonable drive, and DH's office in DIFC was also only 15-20 minutes away.

If you are looking at JI or Meadows, then your budget will also allow you to look at Umm Suqeim. The housing stock varies greatly and while the overall area is not quite as groomed as a master planned community, we liked the mixed character of villas and compounds and mini palaces, locals and expats. Many families with kids. It really is a lovely part of Dubai to live in.

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27/03/2017 17:28:03
I live in Dubai for 3 years with my husband and we just moved for the 3rd time to a 3rd area. All of them really have pluses and minuses.
I feel like the most important thing to consider is would both of you have cars or not. If not, you will have very limited list of options with easy transport access and stuff.
But having cars would give you huge opportunities and in this case you should look at the budget, quality, preferable amenities and stuff.
Feel free to ask more detailed questions if you are in doubt.
Along with my personal 'moving' experience I recently started working as real estate agent in Dubai and can help you to find the best option.

Best of luck

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