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24/7 construction noise

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20/03/2017 22:02:53
Hi all,

Does anyone know where we could complain to about construction noise when the property developer fails to help.

We live near a heavy construction site and even though it was communicated that it should only take place 7-7pm, the last days they are building 24/7.

Has anyone had any success with such a complaint in the past and can advise who to contact?

A very tired gal...😞

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21/03/2017 07:24:12
They 'could' have a permit that allows them to carry on during the night - you can ask to see it and if they can't produce it, then call the municipality to get them to stop.

They usually have permits to pour concrete during the night, but other noises are a no no.

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21/03/2017 10:46:23
Thanks Fairydust. I am planning to go to the municipality today. It's so terrible to live in such conditions and the property prices are not cheap. We shouldn't be going through this as it is supposed to be a respected community.

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23/03/2017 10:59:28
Well, this cannot be tolerated since it is affecting your neighbourhood. It's better to take action or else you're going to suffer

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23/03/2017 12:09:12
Your right Steph. It's been really horrible. We managed to get in touch with someone who might be able to help us. Fingers crossed!

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