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Just moved to Dubai..

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20/04/2017 11:36:15
Hello lovely ladies
I have moved inhere a couple of months ago and tried since then to look for jobs almost everyday but for some reasons most employers are not seeking Web Designers (which is my major), they only look for web developers and prefer indian people too.
I sometimes feel bored at home and even if I go to time you feel there is nothibg much to do especially that I still have no friends (I don't even know how I will make friends here, if I don't work..)
Aren't there any jobs that don't require much qualifications or considered to be in entry level, so I can start with and start gaining experience from scratch? Or should I study some courses first?

Any advices please about what to do

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21/04/2017 14:46:27
You may want to check out


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