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Welcome to the ExpatWoman HR Breakfast! 

Do you work in human resources? Brilliant! We're bringing HR professionals around Dubai this fantastic opportunity to learn HR skills, meet your peers and network! 

Whether you're new to the role or an experienced employee, there's no denying that the mechanics behind human resources continually grow and develop. You see, businesses and organisations grow over time, and with those businesses, people like you are needed to ensure the personnel of that business are kept secure and happy at all times.

So much so ladies, that you're often regarded as a hugely significant asset in terms of skills and abilities. Not only do you have to maintain your own job role and responsibilities, but you've also got a fair number of other professionals under your wings. And frankly, that's a pretty great position to be in.

Here at ExpatWoman.com, we want to help you grow further, and provide you with the skills, knowledge and contacts to help develop and encourage your role in HR. As a result, we'd like to introduce to our next HR Breakfast event!

Topic: Leading Reinvention: 5 Ways HR Can Help the Organisation Dance with Disruption
When: Wednesday 22nd February, 2017
Timings: 8.30am - 11am
Where: Origami 2, Nassima Royal
Registration: Click here to register your place!

HR Breakfast with ExpatWoman and Kate Sweetman 22nd February 2017

Breakfast is included for you to enjoy while you have the opportunity to meet your peers, network and learn new HR skills. Valet parking is available at the venue. 

Joining us at this event will be the Founding Principal & President of SweetmanCragun, Kate Sweetman, who will be providing a unique and valuable international perspective on leadership and organisations. Participants will also have opportunity to join in a question and answer session with Kate herself throughout the event.

“HR has a powerful role to play in guiding their organisations through the Age of Disruption in which we live. Why? Because while the changes may be seemingly driven by technology, new forms of competition and globalization, people remain at the crux of the change challenges and their solutions."

For more information, please email your name, designation, company name, email address and contact number to events@expatwoman.com

What will you learn?

Who should attend this event?

- How HR can help your company function without disruption

- An international perspective on leadership and organisations

- First-hand experiences working with international companies and thought-leaders

HR Managers, General Managers and Office Managers

Kate Sweetman / ExpatWoman HR breakfastKate Sweetman HR Breakfast ExpatWoman

About Kate Sweetman

Kate Sweetman has an extensive history of researching, facilitating, advising and publishing on multiple aspects of client work around the globe. Her first-hand experience with world leaders, Fortune 100 organisers, and Asian multi-nationals provides a substantial foundation for insights that extend beyond borders. Kate was listed as a Thinkers50 for her body of work throughout her career. 

She has also co-authored The Leadership Code (which has been translated into 15 languages), she's a former blogger for Fast Company magazine and has authored more than 30 articles in places such as the Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management, Forbes, The Boston Globe, CFO Magazine and The Asian Economic Times. Her education includes a B.A. at Yale University and an M.B.A. at Harvard Business School.