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Babymoon ideas

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02/04/2012 14:00:03
Hey ladies!

Hope everyone is well! DH and I are thinking of going on a short babymoon, probably sometime next month, but need some ideas as to where to go. Hubby says he'd like to go to Jordan, and although I'd love to go there, not sure I'd manage with all the walking we'd need to do for the sight seeing whilst there. I was thinking of something a bit more relaxing but that wont cost an arm and a leg.

Have been looking at places like Qasr Al Sarab, Anantara desert island, Banyan tree al wadi and with the offers they have on at the moment it brings them into our budget but would just be for a very short stay! We've been to Bab Al Shams a couple of times and really like it there but would like to try somewhere a bit different. Dont mind if its in UAE or somewhere a short flight away.

Any other suggestions?
TIA! xx

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02/04/2012 14:46:33
Been to Qasr Al Sarab when we celebrated 12 weeks with our first pregnancy! Love, love the resort and FAB location!
Anantara Desert Island - stunning as well!
Not been to Banyan Tree!

Have a friend who went to Jordon in her 2nd trimester and had no problems with traveling and had a great time!


Edited to add: if you really want to TREAT yourself, then Al Maha is as close to first class as can be Been twice already and ts truely a special place!!!
edited by plumie on 02/04/2012

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02/04/2012 16:01:55
Thanks for the feedback Plumie! Just been having a look at Al!!!! Think its a little over our budget for now tho!! Booo!!

When your friend went to Jordan, did they do Petra and all the other typical tourist sites?

Hope you're well by the way!

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02/04/2012 16:18:39
LMAO-DXB wrote:
Thanks for the feedback Plumie! Just been having a look at Al!!!! Think its a little over our budget for now tho!! Booo!!

When your friend went to Jordan, did they do Petra and all the other typical tourist sites?

Hope you're well by the way!

Qasr Al Sarab is not far off from Al Maha (just a bit more scaled down), so really it's a good option if you want a romantic get-away!

Re: Jordan - I can ask her to reply to this thread when she has a moment! Might be a bit tied up with a newborn and toddler, but will alert her!

All well...apart from the usual pregnancy malarky

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02/04/2012 16:51:06
Fab! Thanks Plumie! Would be great to hear from her, but absolutely no rush - Im guessing she has plenty keeping her occupied at the mo by the sounds of things! Will just keep an eye on here incase she does get chance at some point.

Glad to hear all is going well your end. Just cant believe how quickly the time is going! Scary!!! Our new little bundles will be here before we know it!

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02/04/2012 18:31:46
Had a great stay last weekend for my DH's birthday at the Banyan Tree Al Wadi the desert resort. Our 22 months DS was with us. Very relaxing, had our own pool, the Thai restaurant had amazing food. I'm pregnant as well so moving from our villa inside the resort by golf cart was great for me. Definitely recommend it.

Did Jordan (from Amman till very south) when DS was 6 months. Was nice but I found it very expensive. Meals in the restaurants at the Dead Sea more expensive than Dubai and not the best service standards. Inside Petra you can pay for a horse and carriage to take you around and no need to walk. They rush you a bit so you can not get to see everything as extensive as you would normally do but there is a good option. It is something I always wanted to and glad I did it but it turned out as a very expensive vacation. Loved loved Lebanon and I would recommend it anytime if you' looking for options.

If you need more details about any of the above experiences happy to reply.

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02/04/2012 20:26:46
I heard Zighy Bay Resort in Oman is beautiful, I'm thinking of going there for my babymoon. Im not sure about the prices though, google them and check out the website

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02/04/2012 21:48:03
Banyan Tree Al Wadi has an offer on Living Social now. 1400/night including spa treatments - approx. Don't know what the fine print is but worth checking out maybe?

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03/04/2012 11:52:43
Hi lmao-dxb

How far pregnant are you? Sorry, yes imalittle pre-occupied to keep up with everyone's term atm.

We did Jordan when was 16-17 weeks pregnant with the first. Petra is a loooooooong day If you do it. On feet from8-5pm but then that's because we decided just after lunch around1pm we would go to oneofthe top monasteries (sp) which was 850 steps up the mountain (no hand rail and steps are basically cutin the mountain so not neat even steps).
I was rather fit before before and through first pregnancy...there would have been no way I could have done it this recent pregnancy.
The Petra walk is about 5km round trip to just do the main bottom tour guide bit.
Having said that it is well worth doing!!!

You can get a private driver / tour guide which is what we did, it was our honeymoon after all so we splurged a little. For the life of me I can't remember where we stayed on the dead sea but any of those resorts along there would be beautiful, that was very relaxing. Not able to go float in deadsea though or the salt water pools they had at the resort because too high salt content for pg women apparently. Had signs up saying do not go in if pregnant. Doh.

Oh yes just reading PCM reply re horse and cart, you could do that but again, deep ding on how far pg you are... I probably wouldn't some of the horses and carts look like they are about to fall apart.

Also you can get a donkey ride up the mountain in Petra but our tour guide advised against it as they are not covered by any insurance etc so you do it at your own risk... Again not an option I would choose even not pregnant.

Amman is nice too but bit of walking about to see sights.

I did love it there and we certainly want to go back and check out more along the deadsea coast line. You need a good 5 days or more if you want to see a few things. Doing Petra over just a weekend and thats about all, I think is hard slog for anyone... You'd need a holiday to get over your holiday!

Check out living social page and maybe try the RAK deal ey have on today. Bay an tree resort I think. Get 2 nights there for a little break. If however you are up for the more touristy thing, and arent to heavily pg then Jordan is do-able, just be sure to tact on the relaxing resort stuff for 2-3 days at the end!

Hth xox

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03/04/2012 13:17:50
Hey ladies

Thanks for all your replies! And especially to you Aussiepup for taking the time to tell me about Jordan!

Im currently 24 weeks, so will probably be around 28-30 weeks by time we get to go away. Would love to go to Jordan but from the sound of things, I reckon Id struggle and come back more tired than when we go! (Plus be somewhat limited as to what we could do whilst there!) Think it will have to go back on to the list of things to do when baby is bigger!

Zighy Bay looks amazing but WAAAAY over our budget!

Hubby has now told me he'd like to go away for a week rather than just a long weekend, so completely back to the drawing board!!

Any further suggestions hugely appreciated!

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03/04/2012 13:26:45
I am 32 weeks pregnant. Hubby and I will be spending a few nights at Banyan tree this weekend. I really wanted to go to Qasr al sarab but since I'm in my 3rd trimester I heard it is not the best idea. It is in a very secluded area in the middle of the dessert.

I would definitely choose qasr al sarab if I were you! Zighy bay sounds amazing but for the price I would rather vacation somewhere else!

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03/04/2012 13:59:57
we went to the banyan tree in the seychelles at around 31wks for babymoon #1, and sri lanka at around the same time for babymoon #2 (although with DS1, so not quite the same!!)
if you fancy going abroad, then consider your journey, as it is tiring. try to go somewhere with a reasonable flying time, and where the time to get to the hotel is relatively short on the other side. check the medical facilities where you are goign just in case, and also remember to get your doctor's letter.
personally having done jordan pre kids, i would do it some other time, lots of walking and travelling by car, and next month it will be hot as well. Banyan tree and anantara options here are good, but for no more than 3ish nights max i would say, unless you combine the qasr al sarab and the other anatara on the island. zighy bay good but also i think would be a bit boring for more that 3ish nights.
HTH, for what its worth! enjoy it!

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03/04/2012 14:04:50
we're off for our babymoon this weekend to the hilton resort and spa in RAK, we have done banyan tree, bab al shams and zighy bay so wanted somewhere i didnt want to be too far away as im 32 weeks.

i think if its just to the two or you then anywhere will be great


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04/04/2012 13:09:06
Thanks for the advice ladies!

Cakes and Sal 123, and anyone else going on their babymoon soon, hope you have a fantastic and relaxing time! Think we've sussed it out now - gona stay local and spend a couple of nights probably in Fujairah and a few nights in RAK. Saw a fab deal on one of the offer sites for Krabi but then thought of the 7 hour flight, the jet lag.....decided to give it a miss!

Had completely forgotten about the Hilton Resort and spa in RAK (thanks for the reminder Cakes!! ) We stayed there just for 1 night a couple of years ago and LOVED it there!! So gona go there again. Cakes, you'll have a fab time im sure!

As for Fujairah, any suggestions as to which hotel to go for? Had also been looking at Hatta Fort as something a bit different but not too keen from the pics on the website. Anyone been recently?

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05/04/2012 22:14:21
Le meridian al aqah (sp) is where we stayed in fujeriah and really enjoyed it.

Hatta forte.... Eeeeh, it's o.k. But nothing flash.

Enjoy!! With what ever you decide!

We did Lebanon at 27 weeks pg for 4 days, that wasn't anywhere near as much walking as Jordan, but 1 day I think I suffered a bit of heat stroke and other days whilst sights were beautiful by the time we got bk to hotel at 5pmish, I was wrecked!!

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29/04/2012 12:48:20
Although I would rank qasr al sarab as no. 1, I think u should try banyan tree as its almost as good as QAS ( go for the beach front villa) , and much closer in terms of the drive. Barely took us 2 hrs to get there whereas QAS was a 4 hr drive . Desert island resort is great if u hv children as it has many activities and u may also find it beautiful if I haven't been to the previous 2 mentioned. Personally I didn't find anything exotic about the resort ... Just made me feel I'm in Thailand . Good luck with whtever u decide

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30/04/2012 16:01:09
We did a beach front Villa at Banyan Tree (thank goodness we did not go further as I went into labour the morning we got home! 5 weeks early!!!)... it was perfect. Quiet, own pool, room service, outdoor bath, great big comfy bed. Gorgeous could not fault it.

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