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Help! I just moved to Dubai

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18/04/2017 11:28:03
Hi All,

My husband and I just moved to Dubai and have many questions. All your input would be SO grateful since we don't know many people here.

1. What are some good furniture stores that aren't super expensive. We plan to get the majority from IKEA but would like some other options.

2. Are there good grocery delivery sites to use?

3. Are there any stores like Target out here to stock up on the necessities we will need?

Thank you again for everyone's help in advance

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18/04/2017 14:44:52
Hi Natalia, welcome to Dubai.

There are a number of different furniture stores in the malls depending on price - not too expensive are Homes R Us and Home Centre then there are more upmarket ones like The One. There is also Dragonmart for cheaper things - they sell everything you could possibly think of furniture/ bedding/ lights, curtains, clothes and lots more that you will never need in your life!

There are some great delivery stores - not the cheapest but generally good quality and is a large supermarket store. are very good for fresh veg and meat.

Most of the large supermarkets like Carrefour and Geant will supply the necessities of life.

It really does depend where you live in Dubai as to what is available closest to you - but don't worry there is a reason Dubai is world renowned for its shopping! Another good online one is for electricals.

I am sure there are more but can't think of anywhere else at the moment.

Good luck with everything I'm sure more people can help with their favourite websites!

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19/04/2017 17:22:43
I love Home Centre - good variety and not too expensive.

Waitrose are around I believe too for shopping!

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19/04/2017 18:22:46
Some good services in Dubai that we have found helpful: - for picking stuff up and dropping things off - for restaurant food delivery - Personal Assistant services - for Concierge/Lifestyle management services - for activities, experiences and gifts for restaurant/spa deals - for special deals and discounts - sometimes you can catch some nice furniture at good prices - can get some great deals during their annuals sales

Also the Al Quoz area has a lot of hidden gems for furnishings, I bought a whole dinning room of handmade of extremely high quality handmade Indian furniture that would have cost a fortune from the bigger known names, might be worth while to drive around and take a look

Good luck

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20/04/2017 11:07:10
for indian hard wood furniture - arts and crafts in Al quoz. they are good but I promise you now - haggle cos you can really get the price down a lot. I bought 2 beautiful pieces and I really haggled - even walked away and told them my final price - they came running after me in the car and agreed to the price !

if you are shopping on a budget - avoid spinneys and waitrose it is ridiculous the price out there.

Homebox is good for glasses and mugs and general pans and stuff but homecenter is a little better on quality.

you must remember prices can vary depending on the area you shop in (rents of the shops are added into the price so there is no consistency!) so go to areas like bur Dubai and karama and items will be cheaper and you can haggle

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20/04/2017 16:51:24
LOL @ Target. I wish.

But, Carrefour is a close second to Target. You can also try the Lulu Hypermarket in Barsha 1 (it has a couple floors worth of stuff).

Ditto on Home Centre, though the quality is eh.

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20/04/2017 16:51:58
Also, welcome to Dubai!! You came just when it is getting hot. =/ Good luck with the transition... it gets better!

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21/04/2017 12:20:30
Thanks for posting this, I had the exact same questions!

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24/04/2017 12:26:26
Target.... I WISH... I have to agree that Carefour is the closest but that is more like a super Walmart. Don't go to the one in the MOE. It's always mad crazy packed and people with no respect. If you live near the Sports City mall then go there, it is much more civilized. It's called City Centre Me’aisem. Or Mirdif Mall, try to stay away from the tourist malls and go to the local ones.

Home Centre is a nice store for furniture. We bought a couple pieces from there but most of our furniture is from Ikea. It's cheap and looks nice. But when we bought it we knew Dubai was temporary so it was perfect as we are now trying to sell it. is good for online delivery for food. You will notice that you will go to all the stores to try to find the food and products you are use to or want. It's funny because most of the stores don't always carry the same products so if you find something you want one week, the next week it will be gone. So stock up.... Park and Shop is good for American products. But again I go from Carrefour to Spinneys to Park and Shop to find what I want. It's annoying.

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