There’s An AED 3,378 Burger in Japan – Here Are 4 Other Hilariously Expensive Burgers You Can Actually Buy |

There’s An AED 3,378 Burger in Japan – Here Are 4 Other Hilariously Expensive Burgers You Can Actually Buy

When sharing your meal costs several thousand pounds.

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3 April 2019

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Expensive Burgers

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First things first – in case there was any doubt, this is not an April Fool. There really is a burger being unveiled in Japan that costs £700/AED 3,378.

Forged by Japanese chef Patrick Shimada to celebrate the upcoming crowning of the new emperor, the burger uses the finest Wagyu beef and is dusted with gold.

It’s pretty pricey, but won’t be setting any records. Dutch chef Diego Buik can claim the most expensive burger made by an individual – he crafted his masterwork from caviar, wagyu, saffron, foie-gras, white truffle and a layer of edible gold leaf. Yours for the princely sum of £1,785/AED 8,615 (although, it was a stunt, so you can’t actually order one).

The most expensive hamburger ever was ‘lab-grown’ for roughly $330,000 (£251,394/AED 1,213,373) in 2013. Created by Dutch scientists, the prototype beef burger became the first to be cultivated in a petri dish, using cells from living cows. By all accounts, it tasted a bit bland.

Back on the high street, the luxury hamburger marketplace is more crowded than you might think. Here’s four outrageously affluent offerings you can actually get your hands on…

1. Fleur Burger 5000, Las Vegas – $5,000 (£3,809/AED 18,384)

It should come as no surprise that this most decadent of burgers comes courtesy of Sin City. Attached to the Mandalay Bay Casino & Resort in Las Vegas, this offering from celebrity chef Hubert Keller comes complete with a bottle of 1995 Chateau Pétrus 5000.

For a cool $5,000 (£3,809/AED 18,384) you can enjoy a slab of wagyu beef drizzled with truffle and foie gras, with two spoonfuls of the metaphysical concept of joy.

Ok, we made up that last part, but for that kind of money we shouldn’t be far off. On the other hand, if you’re going to throw away five grand in Vegas, you might as well get a burger for it.

2. Absolutely Ridiculous Burger, Detroit – $10,000 (£7,617/AED 36,764)

They say everything is bigger in Texas, but clearly they haven’t been to Michigan.

Mallie’s Sports Grill N’ Bar has one calling in life, and that is they make the biggest, baddest burgers known to man. $200 (£152/AED 733) bags you a 25-pounder, $400 (£304/AED 1,467) earns 50lbs, and particularly peckish visitors can pick up 100lbs for $600 (£456/AED 2,200).

So much for the kid stuff – two week’s notice and prepayment of $10,000 (£7,617/AED 36,764) yields a whopping 1,800lb burger. If the menu is to be believed, their current target is 2,500lbs and a World Record (ask management for details and pricing). Pound for pound it’s actually relatively cheap.

No prizes for guessing how much it costs (it’s $777), and, to be fair, our second Vegas entry from Le Burger Brasserie does pile on the luxury.

Kobe beef, pancetta, goat’s cheese, seared foie gras, rocket, Maine lobster, 100-year-aged balsamic and a bottle of Dom Pérignon rosé champagne, make for impressive reading, and (we assume) impressive tasting.

Though leagues away from the extravagance of its American cousins, this truffle-themed burger from truffle-themed eatery Tartufi And Friends is the only burger on this list any of us could realistically buy.

Fassone beef, smeared with foie gras and sweet onion marmalade is all very well, but it’s the truffles that jack up the numbers. White truffles will set you back £35/AED 168, but black truffles clock in at £75/AED 361.

After two years on the ground floor of Harrods, Tartufi & Friends is mid-move to a more central premises. For all your truffle burger-related needs, watch this space.