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Where to Buy Pumpkins in Dubai

Looking for a big orange pumpkin in Dubai? Here are the best places to get one that's perfect for Halloween and other autumn events

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24 October 2019

Where to Buy Pumpkins in Dubai

Halloween isn't Halloween unless you're honouring the age-old tradition of pumpkin carving

October 31st is just around the corner, and there's nothing more quintessential Halloween than a big, classic, orange pumpkin.

The problem when hunting for the perfect produce is that Dubai's environment isn't accommodating to pumpkins, and you're more likely to see elongated, earth-green and light yellow pumpkins when grocery shopping in the city rather than the bright orange ones of Halloween movies.

Nice as they look and taste, they're not the fruits we associate with Halloween. So if you're looking for the freakiest pumpkin to carve in Dubai or the most fitting fruits to decorate your home with, have a look at these stores in Dubai offering some of the best pumpkins in town.


QualityFood.ae offers top-quality, organic produce. Keep an eye out for when pumpkins becoming available on the shopping list.


Kibsons is an online fruit and vegetable service that offers a wide range of pumpkins in all sorts of shapes and sizes, such as the bright orange Hokaido Pumpkins and the more natural light orange pumpkins that are locally sourced.


Every year in October, the supermarket pulls out all the stops with pumpkin offerings; simply visit your nearest Spinney's store to find the best pumpkin to carve for Halloween this year. You'll most likely find Halloween decorations here, too!