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Working Mum Jumana Reviews Let's Cook Meal Plans in Dubai

Jumana from WorkingMommyzInstaDiariez has a go on why Let's Cook is the ultimate convenience for mums-on-the-go in Dubai

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17 February 2020

Review: Let's Cook Meal Plans in Dubai With a Working Mum

Read on to see what Jumana from WorkingMommyzInstaDiariez experienced with Let's Cook's healthy ready-to-make meal plans in Dubai

Let's Cook meal plans were designed to help save you time and put your choice of home-cooked, healthy meals on the table each week. No scurrying through the supermarket aisles. No meal-prep stress. No more worrying about the everyday question, “What’s for dinner?"

Home chefs select their recipes for the week, then Let's Cook packages fresh ingredients measured as per each recipe, along with the tools you need. For working mums in Dubai like Jumana, this meal planning service is pure convenience.

Here's what she has to say:

Review: Let's Cook Meal Plans in Dubai With a Working Mum

Photo: @workingmommyzinstadiariez | Instagram

Being a working mommy, it's sometimes so hard to find time to plan the recipes ahead for the week and do the weekly groceries. I'm sure most mums find it hard too.

This concept of weekly meal subscriptions by Let's Cook came so useful to me, especially during the busy weeks where I was tied up with too much work to concentrate on cooking and grocery shopping. What I love the most about them is you get good quality fresh ingredients delivered to your doorstep.

Review: Let's Cook Meal Plans in Dubai With a Working Mum

Photo: @workingmommyzinstadiariez | Instagram

You get a variety of cuisines by their international chefs and recipes are easy and simple to follow and fun to cook.

It's been ages since we cooked together - things you do when you're a kids-free couple!

How the meal prep plan works:

  • The ingredients are fresh and are of good quality.
  • You get weekly groceries delivered at your doorstep through their subscription plans.
Review: Let's Cook Meal Plans in Dubai With a Working Mum

Photo: @workingmommyzinstadiariez | Instagram

  • They have a number of Subscription Plans and we get to choose from a variety of easy and exciting recipes each week.
  • They have different Box Plans including Build-a-Box (20 Great recipes weekly, with Vegan, Low Carb, Gourmet, and everyday options), Value Box (10 great recipes weekly - Vegan and every day options).
  • All you have to do is choose the subscription plan as per your requirement and you will be charged weekly.

You are free to pause, resume or cancel your subscription at any time. The cut off time for changes to your subscription is every Wednesday at 12 pm.

To order your own pre-packaged meal for the week from Let's Cook, click here.. Or press 'Click to Contact' to submit your inquiries.

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