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30 May 2016


Liz Robb

Baked Cod with Roasted Vegetables

Baked Cod with Roasted Vegetables


2 thick cod fillets [about 220g each] 1 small aubergine
1 courgette
1 red pepper
1 yellow pepper
1 red onion
150g button mushrooms
10 small vine tomatoes
2 fat cloves of garlic
3-4 tablespoons of olive oil
1 lemon
Salt and freshly milled black pepper
15g butter
1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar
A few sprigs of fresh parsley


  • 1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees or 180 degrees fan oven. 2. To prepare the vegetables, cut the aubergine into quarters lengthways and chop into thick slices. Cut the courgette into thick slices diagonally. Deseed and slice the peppers into pieces. Peel and halve the onion and then chop into thick slices. Wipe and halve the button mushrooms. Peel the cloves of garlic.
  • 3. Heat 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil in a large oven tray for a few minutes in the oven, tip in the aubergine, courgette, peppers, onion and mushrooms, add the crushed garlic and toss the vegetables in the oil. Drizzle another tablespoon of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice on top and season well with salt and black pepper. Roast in the oven for 20 minutes, then stir and cook for a further 15 minutes.
  • 4. Ensure that all the bones have been removed from the cod. Line a small oven tray with tinfoil. Cut the butter into small pieces and dot it onto the tray. After the vegetables have been roasting for about 15 minutes, pop the prepared tray into the oven for a minute or two to melt the butter. Take it out and place the fish, skin side up, into the tray and gently rub it into the melted butter. Turn it over again, skin side down, season with salt and pepper and roast for 13-15 minutes, or until the cod is opaque and flakes easily.
  • 5. Place the vine tomatoes on another small oven tray, drizzle with a little olive oil and roast for the last 10 minutes of cooking time for the vegetables and fish.
  • 6. 5 minutes before everything is ready, drizzle a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar over the roasted vegetables.
  • 7. Divide the roasted vegetables between 2 plates and rest a cod fillet on the top. Garnish with a little chopped parsley and accompany by roast vine tomatoes and a wedge of lemon to squeeze onto the fish.
Cooks Note

A delicious dish of succulent cod fillet with a colourful medley of roasted vegetables and sweet juicy vine tomatoes; good healthy food, simply and quickly cooked in the oven, but really tasty!

Serve with a dish of baby new potatoes, or perhaps slices of fresh crusty bread to mop up the juices.

Serves 2

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