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17 September 2012



Bang Bang Chicken


100 g Chicken Breast
15 g Ginger
15 g Spring Onion
2 g Salt
2 g Sugar
200 ml Water
30 g Cucumber
30 g Honey drew melon (Aus)
5 g Sesame seeds
For the Bang Bang Sauce: 100 g Sesame paste
30 ml chili oil
28 ml Sesame oil
5 g Sesame seeds
3 g Schezuan pepper corn
15 ml Light soy sauce
3 g Chicken powder
10 g Sugar
2 g Salt


  • For the sauce: Mix all ingredients in one bowl to get a viscous consistency
  • Cut cucumber & honey dew melon into julienne
  • Boil chicken for 30 minutes. Submerge in ice for cooling
  • Shred chicken & mix with cucumber & honey dew slices
  • Place mixture on a small square plate & shape into a small hill
  • Pour bang bang sauce on the chicken mixture until completely covered
  • Garnish with sesame seeds
  • Serve immediately.
Cooks Note

Wai Hung Ho, Head Chef in Da Shi Dai

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