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30 September 2012



Cinder Toffee

Cinder Toffee


2.2oz. sugar
1oz. golden syrup
1tsp. baking soda


  • Line a small baking tray with baking parchment
  • Allow the sugar and syrup to melt in a saucepan without stirring, just shake it a little to ensure that it combines
  • Once the mixture has turned a deep golden colour drop a little bit into a glass of water, if it becomes a firm ball, it is ready
  • Quickly whisk in the baking soda and pour the bubbling mixture into a lined baking tray and allow it to cool
  • Break up into pieces to serve- it looks cute in brown paper bags
Cooks Note

Also known as hokey pokey, sponge toffee, honeycomb and golden crunchers!

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