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10 October 2012



Cream Of Onion Soup


6 medium-sized onions sliced
1 quart cold water
1 green pepper chopped
2 cups scalded milk
3 tablespoons butter
4 tablespoons flour
1 egg yolk
Parmesan cheese
Salt and cayenne pepper


  • Cook onion and pepper in two tablespoons butter for five minutes, without browning
  • add water and cook until onions are soft (about forty minutes)
  • Rub through a sieve
  • Melt remaining butter, add flour and stir to a paste
  • Add gradually scalded milk, stirring constantly
  • Combine mixtures, add seasonings
  • Heat to boiling point, remove from range, add yolk of egg slightly beaten
  • Serve with Parmesan cheese and hot, crisp crackers
  • Two tablespoons of cheese may be added to soup when adding egg yolk
  • Serve very hot
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