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17 September 2012



Crispy Lemon Chicken


200 g Chicken thigh
100 g Potato starch
40 g Lemon
80 ml Cooking oil
80 g French Bean
3 g Sesame seeds
5 g Red Capsicum
10 g Peanut (large)
30 g Tempura Powder
Lemon sauce:100 ml Water
30 g White Vinegar
1 Pcs Orange (squeezed)
1 Pcs Lemon (squeezed)
20 g Sugar (white)
15 g Lemon Juice
50 g Custard Powder
10 g Peanuts
10 g Chili
5 g Flour
2 g Lemon rind
2 g Sesame seeds


  • For the lemon sauce: Mix squeezed orange & lemon juice, water, white vinegar, sugar, lemon juice and custard powder in a bowl
  • Finely chop, peanuts, chili and lemon rind
  • Heat wok and add ingredients from step 1
  • Bring the mixture to a boil
  • Add flour and simmer until the sauce thickens and becomes syrupy
  • Add peanuts, chili, lemon rind and sesame seeds and keep on a med heat for 5 min
  • Remove from wok and leave to cool
  • For the chicken: Cut chicken into thin strips
  • Coat the strips in potato starch and tempura mix and deep fry till golden brown
  • Sauté the French beans with sesame seeds, add salt and keep aside
  • On a dinner plate, make a bed with the sautéed French beans
  • Put the fried chicken on the bed of beans and pour the lemon sauce
  • Garnish with Thin roundels of lemon and serve
Cooks Note

Wai Hung Ho, Head Chef in Da Shi Dai

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