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26 February 2013



Fregola with crab, shrimps, carrot, ginger, chives

Fregola with crab, shrimps, carrot, ginger, chives


<strong>For Ginger and chives (garnish)</strong>:
Ginger 30 grs
Chives 30 grs
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 10 grs
<strong>For Sweet Garlic cappuccino (foam)</strong>:
Garlic cloves 1 pcs
Milk 70 grs
Cream 40 grs
Butter 40 grs
For Carrot cream:</strong>
Carrot 400 grs
Lemon grass 10 grs
Shallot 30 grs
Leek 30 grs
Olive oil 20 grs
Thyme 5 grs
Vegetable stock 300 grs
Salt and pepper
<strong>For Fregola: </strong>
Sardinian Fregola 200 grs
Extra Virgin Olive oil 15 grs
Butter 40 grs
Parmigiano Cheese 40 grs
Crab meat 80 grs
Shrimp small 200 grs
Carrot cream 200 grs
Vegetable stock 300 grs
Shallot 30 grs


  • <strong>For Ginger and chives (garnish)</strong>:
  • Peel the ginger and cut it in very small cubes and chop the chives mix them and cover with olive oil.
  • <strong>For Sweet Garlic cappuccino (foam)</strong>:
  • Peel the garlic and boil it for 5 time in different water for 2 min. in a pan add milk, butter, cream and the garlic cloves bring to boil, mix all in a blender for 3 minutes, strain and season to taste. This will be the cappuccino foam that we will use to complete the dish. We need to heat up to 80 degrees the cappuccino and blend with a hand mixer to make the foam.
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  • For Carrot cream:</strong>
  • In a pan with olive oil, thyme and garlic add the chopped shallot and leek and roast the on a medium fire for few minutes. Add the peeled and chopped carrots, lemongrass and continue to roast for 2 minutes. Add hot vegetable stock and cover and cook for another 15 min. Remove garlic and thyme and blend in a mixer and season to taste to obtain a smooth and tasty cream.
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  • For Fregola: </strong>
  • In a casserole roast the fregola and shallot until become golden, add the vegetables stock and start cooking for 10 min. Then add the carrot cream, crab meat and shrimp and complete cooking until reach the preferred consistency. Remove from the fire and add the butter and Parmigiano and stir until will be not dissolved, season to taste, Serve on a pasta bowl and complete with the ginger chives and top with the garlic cappuccino.
Cooks Note

Recipe for 4 persons

The fregola is typical pasta from Sardinia served in soup made from semolina durum flour and water. To give a golden brown color is toasted in the oven at 180 degrees. The recipe that we present is a modern interpretation of regional dish.

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