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17 September 2012


James Kang, Chef in Sonamu, Asiana Hotel



Glass noodle - 500g
Carrot - 120g
Onion - 80g
Mushroom shitake - 60g
Bell pepper green - 60g
Shrimp raw peeled - 100g
Spinach - 80g
Scallop - 100g
Mussel - 100g
Squid - 100g
Garlic - 20g
Sugar - 30g
Soy Sauce - 40g
Oil sesame - 30g
Sesame seed white - 5g


  • Cut the vegetables, such as Carrot, onion, mushroom, bell pepper, and spinach
  • Pan-fry vegetables with garlic, sesame oil, salt, pepper then let them cool
  • Blanch glass noodles in water until it gets soft then cool it down
  • Pan-fry seafood with garlic, salt and pepper
  • Mix all vegetables and seafood with sweet soy sauce
  • Sprinkle chopped spring onion and white sesame seed thin sliced beef meat
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