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16 October 2012



Mango Salsa

Mango Salsa


<em><strong>FOR THE SALAD</strong></em>
2 chopped semi ripe mangoes
1 red onion - sliced lengthwise
1 small cucumber - finely chopped
1 small green bell pepper - chopped finely
1 small Thai red chilli - chopped finely
Handful of chopped coriander
FOR THE DRESSING</em></strong>
Juice of 1 lemon - squeezed
1 tsp Thai fish sauce
Salt and pepper to taste


  • Toss all the cut ingredients together.
  • Add the dressing just before serving and enjoy!
Cooks Note

The past few weeks has seen a lot of Thai cooking in my kitchen.
Pad Thai...Green and Red curries...Jasmine rice...Tom Yum soup and the list just goes...
I was looking for something fruity and refreshing to accompany a Green curry that I had made.
That’s when the mangoes decided to do the 'Salsa' - a riot of flavours...delicious, colourful and healthy.
I could even eat this as a salad anytime!

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