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13 May 2015



Paleo Chilli Pot

Paleo Chilli Pot


1 Onion, finely diced
1 tbsp. Cooking Fat/Coconut Oil (h)
2 cloves Garlic, peeled and crushed
1-2 fresh Chilli, sliced
80 g Walnuts (option to toast lightly in the
oven for 10minutes at approx 120C)
1 tsp. Ground Cumin (h)
1 tsp. Paprika Powder (h)
800 g Minced Beef
4 Carrots, peeled & diced
3 Arabic Courgette, diced
1 x 500 g carton Chopped Tomatoes
2 tbsps. Tomato Paste
1 tbsp. Tapioca Starch to thicken it up,
optional (h)
1-2 tsps. Cocoa Powder, optional (h)
2 x 35 g bar Lindt 85% Dark Chocolate
1 bunch Fresh Coriander Leaves, for serving


  • 1. Heat a large heavy based saucepan on medium-high heat and pre-heat oven to approximately 120 degrees Celsius if you would like to toast walnuts.
  • 2. Dice onion finely and add to saucepan with coconut oil. Stir regularly while you peel and crush garlic and slice chilli.
  • 3. Add to the onion and continue to stir until onion starts to become translucent.
  • 4. Tip walnuts (approx. 2 handfuls) onto a baking tray and roast for about 10-15 minutes.
  • 5. Add cumin and paprika powder to saucepan with the onion and stir for a minute before adding beef mince. Turn heat to very high and sauté beef until browned, while you chop carrots and courgette.
  • 6. Dice carrots by cutting in half lengthways, then into 2-3 long pieces, then dice from the side so you have really small pieces (this will reduce cooking time).
  • 7. Add to pan as you go along, then do the same with the courgette.
  • 8. Add chopped tomatoes and tomato paste to the pot and allow to cook on high, stirring occasionally for about 10-15 minutes, or until carrots are tender.
  • 9. If you would like to thicken the sauce, mix a teaspoon of tapioca starch with a dash of water in a mug, then tip into pot, stirring thoroughly and ensuring you continue to let it boil for at least another 2-3 minutes to cook the starch.
  • 10. If you are using cacao or cocoa powder, add here as well.
  • 11. When carrots are cooked, chop walnuts roughly and add to the pot.
  • 12. Remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly while you cut up chocolate into small pieces using a sharp knife, and roughly chop a handful of fresh coriander leaves.
  • 13. You can mix the chocolate through the whole pot before serving (it will melt) or use it as a garnish with the coriander and it will hold it’s shape a bit more.
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