Roasted rack of lamb with special rice (Southern Eastern Region) |

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17 September 2012


Chef Kasim Senturk

Roasted rack of lamb with special rice (Southern Eastern Region)


200 g Rack Of Lamb
70 g Rice
10 g Pistachio
40 g Lamb Liver
2 g Cinnamon
2 g Allspice
1/2 Onion
40 g Butter
1 Bay leaf
5 g Currant
1 g Thyme
2 g Black Peppercorn
2 g Granulated Sugar
2 g Salt


  • Season the rack of lamb with salt & black pepper and thyme then roast it on a wood-fired oven covered with aluminum foil about 4 hours until meat is become tender
  • Keep the rice in warm water for 1 hour, rinse and stir the rice very well, keep it under water until the water becomes clear
  • Heat up the butter in a splayed pan, sautée the nuts to give color, and then add thinly chopped onion and lamb liver until it is evenly well browned. Add rice
  • When rice is fried, add pistachio, cinnamon, granulated sugar, bay leaf, allspice, black peppercorn and salt
  • Fry it 5 minutes more and add meat broth until it passes over 2cm and let it steam in low heat
  • Serve the rice with rack of lamb.
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