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17 September 2012


Chef Francesco, Head Chef – Armani/Peck

Saffron Risotto with Ossobuco


For the Saffron Risotto: Risotto Vialone nano - 250g
Saffron strings - 2g
Vegetables stock - 850g
Butter - 50g
Parmesan cheese grated - 50g
Olive oil - 10g
For the Ossobuco: Veal shank sliced - 1kg
White flour all purpose - 100g
Corn oil - 50g
Celery - 200g
Carrots - 200g
Onions - 200g
Fresh tomatoes - 300g
Vegetables stock - 700g
Tomato paste - 100 g
Fresh garlic - 50 g
Salt and pepper - 5 g
For the Gremolata: Fresh flat parsley - 100g
Clove garlic peeled - 100 g
Fresh lemon - 50 g
Kosher salt and black ground pepper - to taste


  • Procedure for the Risotto: Roast the Vialone risotto on a hot pot with some olive oil until the rice gets hot and crispy
  • Add the vegetable stock that you obtain from water and vegetables boiling for around 20 min.
  • Pour the stock slowly allowing it to be absorbed by the rice (procedure will take at least 18minutes) making sure the rice will be cooked al dente
  • Let the risotto rest in the pot for 2 minutes more or less, and after that you can start adding the fat ingredients such as butter, parmesan cheese grated and olive oil
  • Finish it with some salt if need and pepper
  • Procedure for Ossobuco: Season the 4 thick slices of veal shank bone with salt, pepper and corn oil
  • Dip the shanks in white flour then roast them on a hot pan
  • Once the shanks are roasted, place them in a tray with some celery, onion and carrots, some fresh garlic, chopped fresh plum tomatoes, mix herbs for flavor and cover the tray with aluminum foil
  • Reheat the oven at 120 C. Place the tray in the oven for about 2 hours first, but every 30 minutes open the oven and add some vegetables stock, so that it will cook juicy and becomes tender
  • Once done, remove the shanks from the sauce
  • Blend the sauce with all the vegetables
  • Cut the meat in chunky pieces and then add the blended sauce on top
  • Procedure for Gremolata: Wash and dry the parsley, remove the leaves and finely mince until you have about 2 table spoon
  • Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and season to taste with kosher salt and black pepper
  • You can pound all the ingredients together with a mortar and pestle or just use the back of a spoon or the bottom of a glass.
Cooks Note

Serves 4; Presentation: Reheat the saffron risotto and place it in a round flat plate; after that place the Ossobuco ragout just in the middle of the risotto in a good quantity; after add some Gremolata mixed with some olive oil on the meat and serve it immediately

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