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26 May 2015


Aga Marchewka

Sausage Brioche (Saucisson Brioche A La Lyonnaise)

Sausage Brioche (Saucisson Brioche A La Lyonnaise)


1 Lyon sausage (pistachios or kind)
1 onion
2 bay leaves
200 g flour
1 packet of yeast (baker if possible)
15 grams of sugar
2 eggs
80 g butter cream
2.5g of salt


  • In a bowl, mix the flour, yeast, salt, sugar and 2 eggs.
  • Knead the dough for a few minutes, then add the soft butter and knead again until you create a ball.
  • Leave it to stand while the sausages is being cooked.
  • Fill a large pot with water
  • throw the onion, 2 bay leaves and sausage.
  • Cook for about 25 minutes (cooking depends on the size of the sausage).
  • After cooking, remove the skin of the sausage.
  • Spread roughly paste bun and place the sausage on top.
  • Hand, coat the sausage dough and place all in a cake pan.
  • Put the sausage in brioche to the oven at 180 degrees celsius for about 15 minutes.
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Recipe contributed by Aga Marchewka.

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