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17 September 2012


Christophe Tourenq

Shaari Je t'adore


For the fish
2lb. Shaari Eshkeli, cleaned but not de-scaled (scales and skin will come off easily when removing the salt crust)
2 white eggs
4lb. of rock salt
For the stuffing
1 handful dill
1 handful of parsley
1 small red onion (or ½ of a big one), roughly cut
Olive oil


  • Mix dill and parsley with oil and onion in a bowl
  • Add pepper (and any other spices you would like except salt) to desire
  • With your hands, stuff the fish with the mix and spread the rest if any over the fish
  • Mix the egg whites with a mixer to get white foam. In a big bowl, mix the rock salt gently into the white foam
  • Spread 1/3 of the salt mixture on the bottom of an oven proof deep plate and place the fish over it, cover the fish entirely with the rest of the salt mixture to form a salt blanket
  • Put the plate in the oven at 180c
  • Cook for 20 minutes
  • Break the salt blanket and the skin will come off easily, revealing the fillet.
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  • Thanks to Choose Wisely for this recipe</em>
Cooks Note

The recipe can also be made with: Souli, Kofar, Jesh and Faskar; The fish as such can be cooked in a covered barbeque as well as in the oven; If no rock salt is available, then aluminium foil can be used instead. You simply need to wrap the fish completely with it. The stuffing mixture can vary and the ingredients can be changed according to the taste.

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