Soho Garden DXB Dish of the Week: Wagyu Beef Burger |

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13 June 2018

Soho Garden DXB Dish of the Week: Wagyu Beef Burger


Brioche Bun
Wagyu Beef
Salt Seasoning
Red Onion Jam
Truffle Mayo
Hand Cut Fries


  • Here’s the recipe and secret behind Dubai’s best burger…
  • Handmade brioche bun –it’s a must-have staple for every delicious burger!
  • Corse ground Wagyu beef seasoned to order with only salt and cooked pink in the middle, just how it should be.
  • Red onion jam cooked for 4 hours to enhance the flavour, which creates the perfect relish to accompany the meet.
  • Truffle mayo, because regular mayo just wouldn’t do this burger justice.
  • Hot salted hand cut fries to finish this dish with finesse.
Cooks Note

Ever wondered what the secret was behind Dubai’s tastiest burger? It’s simple, quality ingredients, unbeatable flavours and a little bit of flair, as Soho Garden’s signature Wagyu Beef Burger ticks all three. If you’ve not tried it yet then you’re definitely missing out, as the Wagyu Beef Burger is a must-pick from Soho Garden DXB’s new and exciting menu. Topped with red onion jam, truffle mayo and hand cut fries on the side; you’ll savour every bite of this juicy burger. As you can discover the secret behind the Wagyu Beef Burger yourself at Soho Garden DXB!

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