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25 February 2013



Stracciatella - burrata heart with eggplant capona

Stracciatella - burrata heart with eggplant capona


Stracciatella Cheese 400 grs
Extra Virgin Olive oil 15 grs
Salt flakes
Eggplant caponata
Eggplant 600 grs
Tomato semi dry 60 grs
Taggiasca olives 50 grs
Olive oil 50 grs
Celery stick 150 grs
Basil leaves 50 grs
Thyme fresh 10 grs
Garlic clove 1 piece
Salt and pepper
<strong>Tomato gazpacho:
</strong>Cherry tomato 200 grs
Plum tomato 150 grs
Tabasco 2 drops
Worcester sauce 10 drops
Oregano dry 1 pinch
Salt and sugar


  • Peel the eggplant and cut in to cubes of 5mm of each side and do the same with the celery stick. Blanch the celery in salted boiling water for one min and cool them into water and ice bath. In a no stick pan heat up the oil with garlic and thyme, add the eggplant cubes and roast them until they become golden brown. Add the celery, taggiasca olives, the semidry cherry tomato and the basil leaves chopped into the pan and sauté for one min. Season with salt and pepper and take the caponata out from the pan on a large tray to cool it down. Remove the garlic clove and the fresh thyme.
  • <strong>For Tomato gazpacho:</strong>
  • <strong>
  • Procedure</strong>
  • Cut the cherry and plum tomatoes in chunky pieces and put in a blender with the other ingredient and mix them for 2 minutes. Rectify seasoning and strain to eliminate the skin and the seeds.
  • <strong>Plating</strong>
  • With the help of a ring place the caponata warm or room temperature in the bottom of a pasta bowl. Add on op the stracciatella and topped with 2 table spoon of tomato gazpacho and complete the seasoning with the olive oil, salt flakes, black pepper, cherry tomato and a basil leaf.
Cooks Note

This starter is made with stracciatella cheese that is the filling for the famous burrata combined with caponata that is a typical preparation of south of Italy in this case based on eggplant, basil, semi dry tomatoes, taggiasca olives and olive oil.

Recipe for 4 persons

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