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12 May 2014


Conceptia DCunha

Sweet and Spicy Gravy


1kg Boneless chicken, cut into small cubes, washed and pat dried
6 Fresh curry leaves, washed and dried
3 Green chillies slit in the centre
2 tbsp chilli powder
Quarter tsp turmeric powder
2 tsp full tandoori powder
One maggi chicken cube
5 tbsp full of tomato ketchup
Little olive oil
2 teacups masafi water


  • Put some olive oil in a cooking pan. Add curry leaves to the hot oil. Add green chillies slit in the centre to the oil. Switch off the burner. Add all the powders and chicken cubes. Switch on the burner.
  • Mix all the ingredients and the chicken well. Add 2 teacups of water to the chicken, add the maggi cube and let it cook for some time. When the chicken cubes tender, add tomato ketchup and let it simmer for 5 minutes.
  • Add little salt as required and water if you should need more gravy. You may add ketchup and chilly powder as desired to suit your taste.
  • When chicken gravy is completely done, put off the burner and serve with hot chappatis or fresh khuboos.
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