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26 February 2013






<strong>Cocoa sacher biscuit</strong>
Cocoa powder 90 grs
Egg white 150 grs
Sugar 50 grs
Cocoa powder 50 grs
Icing sugar 50 grs
Eggs 6 pcs
Almond paste 240 grs
Butter 90 grs
<strong>Mascarpone mousse</strong>
Mascarpone cheese 250 grs
Sugar 50 grs
Whipped Cream 180 grs
Gelatin leaves 1 pcs
Egg yolk 4 pcs
<strong>Sabayon Espresso </strong>
Egg yolk 50 grs
Cream 100 grs,
sugar 100 grs


  • Prepare the biscuit soft the almond marzipan with icing sugar and eggs, add the cocoa powder, whip together the egg white and the custard sugar until soft meringue, and slowly to the first mixture and finally the liquid butter. Spread into baking tray bake at 180 ‘c for 10 minute
  • Make the mascarpone cream, soft the mascarpone into a large bowl, make a sabayon with egg yolk and sugar add the soften gelatin and then the whipped cream.
  • Make the espresso sabayon with egg yolk and sugar
  • add some gelatin if you wish to have it stiffer, the cream and the espresso.
  • Built the Shooter tiramisu, Espresso sabayon goes down, let it set in deep freezer, add one disk of biscuit soaked with espresso, than the mascarpone cream again one biscuit and finish with the mascarpone cream
  • For garnish use dark chocolate decoration, cocoa crumble and gold leaf.
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