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26 February 2013



Vitello Milanese

Vitello Milanese


<strong>For Mashed peas:</strong>
Green peas 400 grs
Shallot 50 grs
Thyme 10 grs
Garlic cloves 1 piece
Olive oil 20 grs
Vegetable stock 150 grs
<strong>For Vitello:</strong>
Veal tenderloin 600 grs
Eggs whole 3 pieces
Bread crumb 300 grs
Wheat flour 50 grs
Butter 50 grs
Olive oil 100 grs
Sage 20 grs
Pear onion 50 grs
Orange segments 60 grs
Veal juice (sauce) 50 grs
Thyme 10 grs
Salt and pepper


  • <strong>For Mashed peas:</strong>
  • In a pan roast shallot chopped, garlic and thyme on a medium fire. Add the green peas and cover with vegetable stock and continue cooking for 10 min. Remove the herbs and garlic and with hand blender mix all the ingredients to obtain a puree. Season to taste and add some leaves of fresh time before serve.
  • <strong>For Vitello:</strong>
  • Cut the veal tenderloin into 4 medallion of the same size. Open the eggs in a bowl, add pinch of salt and mix them well with a whisk. Take the medallions, pass them in the flour, then egg and in the bread crumb to obtain uniform coating. In a pan heat the olive oil, butter and the sage, when hot add the medallion and cook them in all sides until golden brown and crispy. Remove for the pan and dry them on some kitchen paper. Heat the sauce and add the pearl onion and the leaves of the fresh thyme and bring to boil.
  • <strong>Plating:</strong>
  • Place the in the center the hot mashed peas, on top place the medallion and garnish with the orange segment. Complete the presentation with the pearl onions, thyme sauce and some salt flakes on top of the veal.
Cooks Note

Recipe for 4 persons

This main course is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional dish from Milano . The veal tenderloin is cut into small medallion a breaded and pan fried with sage.

Armani Ristorante, Taste of Dubai 2013

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