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The One Food JLO Will Never Eat

Posted on

21 May 2017

Jennifer Lopez food favourites

Long before she immortalised those abs and curves by going totally vice-free (that includes sugar, alcohol, salt and caffeine) JLO used to eat.Well, not like your average joe BUT she used to have favourites. She used to have desserts once in a while. And she used to have her go-to picks from Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts.

10 Exotic Foods That Can Actually Kill You

Posted on

23 April 2017

Exotic harmful foods

For some people (yes, us) food doesn’t go to the stomach; it touches the soul and goes straight to the heart. And of course, some exotic treats deserve a special place.

But would you believe if we say that some of these succulent cuisines can be fatal for you?

From the horrific Giant Bullfrog to the serene looking Stonefish, @TheRichest has created a list of 10 exotic foods that can actually kill you. So beware guys, it's not just heartbreak that kills you.