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How to Make 5 Easily Homegrown Herbs Last Beyond Summer

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5 May 2022

How to Make 5 Easily Homegrown Herbs Last Beyond Summer

Want to save your freshly grown herbs? They may have run to seed or look the worse for wear, but it’s easy if you know how.

Some herbs will soon be coming to the end of their natural harvesting period, so here are some top tips on how to pick them to enjoy for months to come.

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4 Of The Best Chinese Herbal Remedies For Restoring Your Health

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23 January 2019

Chinese Herbal Remedies

Christmas may be over for another year, but the most important date in the Chinese calendar is fast approaching, which means there’s another excuse to carry on the festivities of the party season.

Millions of people will be celebrating Chinese New Year on February 5, with colourful parades, performances and displays taking place across the globe.

12 Easy Herbs to Grow Indoors

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19 October 2016

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Are you dreaming of fresh, savoury dishes filled with fresh herbs for flavour? Here's some easy-to-grow basic herbs you can grow yourself at home...

Living in a hot climate, it's forgivable to think that growing your own herbs at home is near enough impossible. Alas, there is a way, and we have some advice to help you on your way to growing tasty, fruitful herbs that you can use in your recipes at any time.