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7 Arabic Salads To Try This Summer

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13 June 2017

7 Arabic Salads To Try This Summer

Of all cuisines, Arabic food has the best salads. We’re not making claims here, we’ve got proof.

Go to any Arabic family dinner and you’ll find at least 6 to 10 types of salads, all different from one another. They are fresh, healthy, filling — basically everything that we trying-to-eat-healthy generation wants in their daily diet.

These wholesome bowls of deliciousness are one of the many reasons that the past decade has seen Arabic cuisine's global profile skyrocketing.

Healthy Salads for Summer to Beat the Heatwave

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3 June 2015

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The temperature is rising by the day. As we prepare for a long summer when a heatwave is expected, it is wise to start menu planning and incorporate some nice leafy greens and other ingredients that will help beat the heat. Summer favorites when it comes to food are lettuce, tomatoes, baby rockets, cooling cucumbers, carrots and potatoes (for salads) and don't forget to incorporate protein into it like chicken, tuna and other meats.