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Cooking Ingredients You Can Actually Scrimp On

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10 December 2018


And these simple hacks will help your ingredients – and money – go a lot further...

There’s no doubt about it – cooking can be an expensive process.

Sometimes you look at the list of ingredients in a recipe, sigh, and decide it’s probably going to be cheaper to get a takeaway or ready meal.

We’re often told we need to get good ingredients too – free-range this, organic that – which can really make the costs add up.

The World’s Best Spice Market Is Right Here In Dubai

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6 June 2017

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Dubai Souk Spice

Different people come to Dubai for different reasons; some for the tallest building, some for the gold and some for its unabashed opulence. What most of us conveniently ignore and underestimate is Dubai’s spice market — the ultimate paradise for a food connoisseur.

Dubai Spice Souk is a true calling for those who are blessed with the knack to identify deliciousness before its cooked. Located in Deira, just a few blocks away from the famous Gold Souk, the narrow alleys of the Dubai Spice Souk brim with vibrant mounds of herbs, spices and dried flowers.

12 Health Benefits of Cinnamon

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23 March 2015

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Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what cinnamon rolls are made of! At least that is how our version would like to go. A lot of us grew up with the scent of cinnamon wafting through the air as freshly baked cinnamon buns puff in the oven. We remember apple pies, hot chocolate whipped with cream on top and daintily dusted with cinnamon. It is impossible to not fall madly in love with the popular spice.